Primer for Life Inside the Invisible Room Part II

What Does it Mean to Travel the Quantum Cosmos?

Travel through the world of time and space is exciting adventure for human beings looking to expand their life experience. On Earth there are beautiful landscapes of water, earth, fire, and air. The roar of the senses and the rapture in the loins give the world its pleasures, around which we fashion the beliefs and stories we use to control our passions and define the world. This is what human beings do. This is what they know.

The space beyond the planetary sphere opens the mind to the grand speculations of science, philosophy, and religion. The universe, however, looks back in its wonder and mystery, only to say, “There you are!” The incidentals of living have changed throughout the ages, but never the core. Souls come and go in endless rounds of pain and confusion. Time-bound and ignorant of spirit, very few human souls ever experience the grand drama of existence. Pedal and break is all they know.

Humanity has nowhere to travel that will change this condition. Trips to Mars or Proxima Centuri only extend its reach until it perishes in the carbon ash of worn out seed, not very far down the road from that fruitless vision. A few grand souls will transcend the world and the human condition and explore new vistas until the universe itself tires of the grand futility of fading form, and the overlord of that incarnation, itself a projection of the quantum cosmos, surrenders its illusion as supreme deity, and the quantum lord of that plane turns it off.

The self-supreme of the quantum traveler is the invisible room, the one that’s deep inside our human longing; it is eternal, absolute, and the source of our lives as we walk in the world. The universe it perceives through our eyes is its creation, out of the infinite potential of its invisible room. When it travels inside the world to explore its creation, it never forgets who it is or the intent that moves it. Such an explorer of worldspace is a godbeing traveler, living out the godseeds imparted to it to explore.

Every godbeing of the invisible room serves a godbeing master on a higher plane, on and on into the vast unknown. The quantum cosmos works like this: for each creation, there is one explorer, one traveler. That creation can be a unique, individual life; it can be a whole planet world of many lives and dimensions; it can be a universe full of myriad worlds and astonishing beings; or a grand design from unknown planes beyond the beyond. 

A quantum traveler creates, experiences, and discreates the reality that arises from its mysterious core, its invisible room. It may choose to enter its creation to serve the intent of its godbeing master. Or the greater godbeing master may choose to enter its worldspace creation. Godbeing incursions have occurred many times on earthplanet plane.

Quantum travelers live the grand drama of existence the way it really is. They move through the quantum cosmos on dark waves of existence pulsing out of the deep unknown. These waves are the deepest of the deepest mystery of the invisible room. 

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The Quantum Traveler Activation Keys

In the deepest folds of the absolute spirit, something infinitely tender lives the one real life. Hidden beneath the veils of all living beings, it travels the cosmos as the mystery of existence. Living love is the heart of a quantum traveler. The energy that moves it is ecstatic self-knowing.

Human beings know nothing of the quantum cosmos, for human love is bound to the confusions of time. They know nothing of the conditions that make love real, of how the world receives its shape and the human heart its longing. Human love lives and dies in the veils. It surrenders itself to spirit when living love awakes.

As living love fills the invisible room, godseeds tremble with germination desire. They long to awaken and walk in the world, to live eternal life in mortal form. In the silent mystery eternal self-knowing, feel that desire! Live in its love! Burn in its beauty!

A Primer for Life Inside the Invisible Room Part I (Revised)

The invisible room is our divine source and center, our piece of the absolute spirit. This is where we and the rest of the universe come from. From inside the mind, the world is a planet, third from the sun. From inside the invisible room, our personal life and the universe as a whole arise as a module of perception, a creation, waiting for us to learn how to use it. Listening to The Invisible Room Podcast accelerates the process of transferring our viewpoint of life from the mind to the divine source and center. This transfer is a deep, life consuming process. Listening lets the higher self know that that’s what we want. 
Why might one be reluctant to move into the invisible room?
Much of humanity is beset with mental conflicts, delusions, and emotional turmoil to such a degree that personal thought cannot maintain the idea of a higher self, much less moving into that point of view. The heart is darkened by thoughts and behaviors that cloud over the higher dimensions of life. Higher life is, nevertheless, at work with these struggling beings. No one is left out of the grand drama of existence.

On its own, the mind is quite capable of coming up with good reasons for shifting into a higher reality. They will sound good. One can believe them. But eventually those reasons become another expression of the ego’s desire for self-preservation. It tries to convince us that the higher self is a collection of beautiful thoughts (scriptures, ceremonies, traditions, and the lives of saints and sages). We know how good these spiritual garments feel, for we have worn them for many lifetimes. We feel especially comforted in belonging to groups who dress like we do and who drink from the same cultural wells. We linger in these beautiful minds for as long as it takes to learn that reality and the indicators of reality are not the same thing, until we realize that membership in the group can only tell us what to believe, that following the pathway of the spirit through history ultimately takes us to a dead end. 

One of the most deceptive barriers to permanently entering the invisible room rises when we label as "spiritual" our life and lifework. We fear sacrificing that hard earned identity for something that is independent of others’ expectations or the reality descriptions of ancient and contemporary seers. Being on our own is a truly daunting prospect. Discovering that our real identity is something that we cannot be conscious of is an existential crisis that must inevitably be faced. This situation requires faith absolute. The mind is not a tool for self-enlightenment.

How does it happen? What can I do to set things in motion? 

Spiritual seekers eventually realize that the mind is a prison. The soul reaches out toward the sun through the bars of its thinking and cries out to be free. The sun hears and sends loving spirits to open the door. These loving spirits set the soul on fire with the fire of life and teach it how to prepare for the intervention of spirit absolute. Spirit alone can pull it across the threshold, for the self of the thinking mind is existentially different from the self-existing glory of the invisible room. Spiritual transition is not movement from one mental place to another. Spiritual transition is a transformation from one existential condition to another. Existential transformation is the work of the universe. This is what we see when we get to the door. 

Listening to The Invisible Room Podcast raises flags in our spirit field so that higher beings can see us and help us take those steps. With every effort, we feel stuck. With every movement, we feel free. "I can't do it" ultimately becomes "Let it happen." The story of "me" becomes the story of everything.

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