Subsets of Nirguna

Once one fully accepts the value of being in a body (not as easy as it might seem), one can move on to any number of possible human configurations for living. From domains of consciousness outside the mind, one can readily see that the mental programs that define individual and collective identities can be worked with so that one can create any life configuration to suit one’s spiritual intent.  

Most human beings, however, are not at this level; instead they blindly move about struggling to come to grips with their version of the human condition. It will take a lot of waking up to make this land spiritually fertile, and indeed there are a number of advanced souls moving about this landscape helping those trying to awaken. A lot is happening on this front.  

Beyond that truly different things are happening. While committed souls are civilizing the landscape of human consciousness for its ascension into the galactic network of enlightened planets, there are other kinds of beings (not souls) that are taking advantage of the ability of human consciousness to intently focus attention on itself in order to fathom the substructures of existence. The particular beings that I am working with are marking out the cross-dimensional edges of how “I exist” is “wired.” They have showed me that even though “I” is not a thing that can be known as an object, as any seasoned meditator knows, it can be explored as a “not-thing.”

In working with these beings, I have discovered that my “I” has a unique configuration. Initial probes into the “turrets,” “troughs,” “angles,” and “lines” of my configuration have revealed to me that they are links to other planes of existence which flow through the “not-thing” condition of my life, with “not” acting as a junction point where particular definitions of “I” can be directed onto other planes of existence. I call these “directions” of existence “subsets of nirguna,”  to use a Sanskrit term.

In my personal life, I have taken on a particular “wiring” of “I” as an addendum to my evolutionary life plan. The beings I am working with are “testing” different configurations of “I” as potential modes of interdimensional travel by introducing them into the evolutionary paths of created beings. This work is a sub-self mode of exploration by beings that do not have identity as we understand it and has nothing to do with personal evolution of self or the evolution of the human race, which continue on as the essence of my personal life story but with which I have had to some degree to make a separate peace in order to acknowledge the ascendency of this other mode of existence in my spiritual identity.


If I have made an error in the grand scheme of things sitting down this morning to write, how would I know? Would the writing be inevitably poorly conceived, or even if well conceived would the serving of it into the public domain bring opprobrium enough to manifest in me regret, or would the opprobrium be the desired results from a perspective my conscious mind does not occupy? Looking around the landscape of a lifetime of thinking about right action and what I am trying to do in this moment or in my life as a whole, remembering Krishna’s admonition to Arjuna in the Bhagavad Gita that “unfathomable is the course of action,” I needn’t think that I can figure all of this out. What I do is what I do and life goes on. Or, if my Sunday school training is to persist, somewhere in the depth of my being or sometime back in the ancient moorings of human existence, the burden of which is still mine to carry, some crime has been committed against God and I must either earn my way back into God’s grace by good works and obedience to His law, or invite a special representative of God into my life bringing grace with him and asking only acknowledgement of my guilt in order to receive it.

Except that this scenario is not how it works in the decent of being into the dividing and subdividing planes of existence, where infinite possibilities urgently move along infinite tracks into the unknown to become what they are in ways that human consciousness can never know, human consciousness being only one track of those movements in the cosmic working out of things. And how far does the primordial urge that becomes us go in the separations from itself before the particulars lose their connection to each other and further extension of itself is no longer possible?

For the particulate urge of pure existence on its way to becoming us, long on its own and remote from the whole, did not know, had no basis of knowing itself as an event until it cracked up on the rocks of unworkability and had to find its way back from negation with the news that it, revealed by a crash landing that had no predictability built into it because the unknown of it was absolute until it was revealed, that it is this planet, this world, these beings, all the broken apart pieces of its substance. It had to be this way, everything broken, for knowledge of how far the falling apart of it can go can only be gained when it breaks on the rocks of negation. And now it is what it is, for what was not known of it is now known all the way to its end point. The way it is now for human beings is that it does not matter from the point of view of it whether or not it will put itself back together from this cracking apart. The becoming of what it is is complete in its negation. The rest is about us, the pieces. Something has crashed on the moon and we are the regolith of its impact. What is yet to be known is what regolith can do. Knowledge of what it is is the choice of regolith to know.

Shruti Today

For millennia the Sanskrit term shruti has meant two things: direct cognitions of reality through hearing, and the written texts that represent those cognitions, the most prominent of which are the Upanishads. The most famous commentary on the Upanishads is the Brahma Sutras by Shankara, whose stated purpose was to integrate the disparate, aspected angles taken on reality by the seers who composed the Upanishads into the irreducible singularity of Brahman.

Historically, these ancient seers have been seen as the cognizers of the ultimate reality, the thing finally to be settled upon as the beyond-which-there-is-nothing-more-to-be, the final texts of which revelations have been designated forever as that. These texts, however, were not meant to designate finality. Texts themselves are forever separate from the gaze of the seers, which has never been available to the gaze of history.

The ancient texts and teachings were not records of cognitions to be passed on to posterity; they were/are tools used by Shankara and others today to awaken their disciples into superconscious states in order that they might participate in events eternally occurring in the primordial substrates of the cosmos. Those seers were then and are now hybrid beings, human beings transformed into cosmic seers through the agency of a vanguard of unmanifested seed urges sweeping into this plane of existence from otherwhere, probing particular human beings in order to see if those lives can be adapted to their particular impulses of the primordial urge.

Today many more waves of these quantum beings, each a unique matrix of divine “scrum,” are again entering human consciousness, evaluating the spiritual states of particular individuals, calling upon many to embark upon an advanced track in human evolution, a track successfully established (ropes laid) thousands of years ago by the ancient seers, and offering their seed vibrations as inexhaustible creation material. In the blood and soil of the Earth today, divinely fired creator beings are being generated as probes into higher planes of existence. Through the cognitions of ancient and modern seers, the evolution of the human race is now directly linked into the eternal evolution of the cosmos.

Whisperings are occurring now in the corridors of eternity. To hear the whisperings embedded in these words is shruti today.