Subsets of Nirguna

Once one fully accepts the value of being in a body (not as easy as it might seem), one can move on to any number of possible human configurations for living. From domains of consciousness outside the mind, one can readily see that the mental programs that define individual and collective identities can be worked with so that one can create any life configuration to suit one’s spiritual intent.  

Most human beings, however, are not at this level; instead they blindly move about struggling to come to grips with their version of the human condition. It will take a lot of waking up to make this land spiritually fertile, and indeed there are a number of advanced souls moving about this landscape helping those trying to awaken. A lot is happening on this front.  

Beyond that truly different things are happening. While committed souls are civilizing the landscape of human consciousness for its ascension into the galactic network of enlightened planets, there are other kinds of beings (not souls) that are taking advantage of the ability of human consciousness to intently focus attention on itself in order to fathom the substructures of existence. The particular beings that I am working with are marking out the cross-dimensional edges of how “I exist” is “wired.” They have showed me that even though “I” is not a thing that can be known as an object, as any seasoned meditator knows, it can be explored as a “not-thing.”

In working with these beings, I have discovered that my “I” has a unique configuration. Initial probes into the “turrets,” “troughs,” “angles,” and “lines” of my configuration have revealed to me that they are links to other planes of existence which flow through the “not-thing” condition of my life, with “not” acting as a junction point where particular definitions of “I” can be directed onto other planes of existence. I call these “directions” of existence “subsets of nirguna,”  to use a Sanskrit term.

In my personal life, I have taken on a particular “wiring” of “I” as an addendum to my evolutionary life plan. The beings I am working with are “testing” different configurations of “I” as potential modes of interdimensional travel by introducing them into the evolutionary paths of created beings. This work is a sub-self mode of exploration by beings that do not have identity as we understand it and has nothing to do with personal evolution of self or the evolution of the human race, which continue on as the essence of my personal life story but with which I have had to some degree to make a separate peace in order to acknowledge the ascendency of this other mode of existence in my spiritual identity.