A Declaration to Awake in the New Timeline

The New Timeline is upon us. Nothing can be done to change our destiny. The outcome for humanity is still in doubt: how much suffering will precede the awaking? what teachings and philosophies will rise and fall? how deep into reality will the collective consciousness go? Much depends upon those who will lead the way by declaring their intent to wake up.

There will be many kinds of awakenings: awakenings to the dark forces that rule humanity from within the deepest backrooms and from there vanquishing the foe and establishing new institutions of light beings who will craft new understandings of humanity and its place in the cosmos; awakenings into the depths of the human heart and establishing landscapes for exploring the divine intent; awakening to higher mind and multi-dimensional realities; awakenings to the powers of pure creation, both material and spiritual; awakening to godspace, godbeings and the quantum cosmos, and many more kinds of awakenings yet to be experienced.

It is still very early in the process of transformation, and the dissolution of the past has scarcely been felt; yet it is wise to be alert to changes in all three elements of human perception:

1) One’s personal life situation, inner and outer, will endure unsettling challenges as  fear and repression from one’s unconscious burst into the day to day purpose and structure of living. At the same time, blinding illuminations from higher dimensions will restructure minds and hearts. The finest delights of joy and hope may follow the rage that comes from debilitating aloneness and acts of betrayal. Within the deepest silence of meditative stillness awakening minds will prepare for shattering realizations of cosmic import.

2) The media, which unwittingly project false interpretations of reality into the collective thinking, are structured by the same illusions they transmit, and are interwoven with the lies that protect their corporate masters and prevent the world from seeing the darkest powers that govern their lives. The awakening human consciousness will watch these institutions unravel as their secret agendas burst into the open. The stories of reality which they tell will be compromised.

3) All the major institutions of the world will have their dark agendas exposed. These institutions control our life experience and the interpretations of reality we live by. They  include:

-- international banks, transnational corporations, and ancient cults;

--nation states, their military, their banks, their corporate entities, press, political factions, schools, and black hole secrets;

--public religious institutions that assuage the fear and guilt of the panicked masses but in the end protect the lies that enslave them to the dark masters of the hidden temples;

--secret societies that accrue psychic powers through hideous rituals and then infiltrate the organs of state in order to manipulate them;

-behind-the-curtain political think tanks and religious militancy schools, each fomenting powerful agendas for world domination;

--the educational institutions that rob children of their innocence while molding them into predictable members of the corporate state, indoctrinated to lie and to die for those masters, whom they were never to know ever existed.

All of these institutions create, control, and defend the illusions that rule the world and bind human consciousness into the minutest fraction of its potential. We will see changes in the world as the shadows inside these institutions start to move. What we are experiencing as reality is a massive crime against humanity. In the New Timeline, there will be no place to hide. In the New Timeline, all will be revealed and gladly forgiven. In the New Timeline all will be forgotten.

Each of these elements of human experience, which are the structure of every act of perception, extent into the unbounded depths of their undefined source, while at the same time each is connected to the singular whole of human consciousness. These elements are who we are. Consciousness is structured that way, and it is consciousness that is changing. That’s the only way the world can be saved. Are you on board? is your consciousness available for dramatic transformation?