Asking the Right Questions in the New Timeline

Back in the early 70s, when every other weekend meant, as Jimmy Hendricks’ put it, being “experienced,” some friends and I went to the Exploratorium in San Francisco for an afternoon’s delight. Just inside the door was a large Christmas tree wrapped in lights, which were flashing on and off. Leaning against the bottom of the tree was a sign that said, “For those who know.”

Last week the President-elect visited Washington in order to meet with the President and members of Congress. Afterwards he got on his plane and went back to New York without informing the group of press who follow him. A few nights ago, the President-elect’s press representative told those same press people he was retiring for the night. Not long after that, however, he changed his mind and went out to a restaurant without informing the press, who were very angry as they headed out into the streets in disarray looking for him. On a newscast the next day, an irate anchor declared, “Somebody is going to have to explain to him this is not how it works!” At the foot of my perceptual field, I placed a sign that said, “For those who don’t know.”

“What do I really know to be true?” will be the primary inquiry for the New Timeline. Facing it will be unavoidable. Confusion, such as the press has been transmitting into the world now for months, will continue to rise like mist from a swamp permeating every human being and institution around the globe, depriving the entire population of beliefs and stories that have been fed to them for centuries and which institutions depend upon for maintaining for their power and existence. The media in all of its forms, which include schools, churches, and laboratories, as well as electronic and print media, and which continue to multiply out of control as if under a sorcerer’s spell, are the tellers of these stories and beliefs, which not only pass without question from one generation to another but become so urgently held that only a dramatic breach of the total matrix of human thought can awaken humanity from its spell.

The unraveling of the media is necessary for our awakening. Nobody will give up their cherished reality stories without being pushed against the wall, and only those who face up to the truth of what has been happening to them and fiercely ask the right questions, will find clear passage into the fullness and freedom that the New Timeline brings with it. What violence will we use to fight back with once the security of our ignorance has disappeared? Who will come roaring out of the dark caves of the human psyche to resist? Want to know? Look around, then multiply it by ten or a hundred fold. It’s one thing to have one’s life, one’s wealth, and one’s family threatened, but when one’s interpretation of reality, one’s existential stance in the universe is threatened, you either wake up or head out into the streets with blood on your mind.   

What to watch for: The questions for the New Timeline will arise out of the confusions of people and institutions as the ways of the previous timeline start slipping out of the grasp of those who have gained power based on assumptions that have ceased to be true.

What to ask: “What do you really know to be true?”