The Reality Election: The Blue Pill or the Red

When I first saw The Matrix in 1999, I was astonished that “waking up” would be depicted in such a despairing way. My version of waking up included such notions as enlightenment and cosmic consciousness. Of course, the movie and its ideas were generated by a Hollywood studio and produced with brand new special effects, had great actors who were hip to the nth degree, and burned steadily in our consciousness for a full two hours and was a massive box office success. End of story for the studios (not counting sequels), but could something like this possibly be true? After seventeen years we are still uncomfortable with the suggestion that there is a dark force controlling our reality to such an extent that only the most drastic alteration in our consciousness could reveal what is operating behind the scenes, the “scenes” in this case being everything we unthinkingly accept as real.

If there were a possibility that you could see what is driving the darkness in the world, I mean really see what it might be face-to-face in all of its hideousness, would you want to? What if this thing were something specific, like Lucifer and his band of fallen angels, or a group of grim faced bankers operating out of the deepest, darkest back rooms on the planet, or an ET reptilian race, or a population of Mr. Smiths as depicted in the movie, or something so wildly different we simply cannot imagine, and not just the seven deadly sins as a built in plague to justify the tales churches and synagogues and temples say is reality? Is the religious version of reality remotely true? Would you want to “wake up” and see it for yourself, free yourself from its grip by taking the red pill Morpheus offers to Neo and going from there wherever that might be, or would you choose the blue pill and remain forever oblivious to the insidious influence that might be keeping the human race in bondage, including you, accepting your life and the state of the world as it is because it has always been that way and that it is better to face the devil you know rather than the devil you don’t?

Neo took the red pill because, well, he just had to, which took him deep into “the rabbit hole,” from where there was no exit, only to discover that what he thought he knew as reality was actually the projection of a robotic computer consciousness using humanity to generate energy to keep its machinery selves running. In the movie story, this reality passes for “truth.” For us looking outside the windows of our homes, which in the movie is a manufactured reality called the matrix—that reality is for us the truth in all of its normalcy and deadness. It is the truth we live by, which passes relentlessly every day through the consciousness of every human being, unquestioned and unrevealed, nightmares and all.

Every morning in human history, from times unprinted in academic histories to the present, almost every human being has climbed out of bed and taken the blue pill, and life has gone on the same as the day before regardless of the level of drama human civilizations have created in order to convince themselves that what they are struggling for is real. Not to struggle in this way would send humanity deep into the rabbit hole asking questions about existence that, absent a repository of open-ended future possibilities to guide them, would tear apart the fabric of collective consciousness. The blue pill is existentially safe; sameness is secure. The red pill is dangerous to the core, threatening all of our understanding about life, self, and the cosmos. It is a wrecking machine that leaves no illusion undone.

On Tuesday, November 8, 2016, every human being on the planet took the red pill and passed into a New Timeline that will require each of us to face the truth of the human condition as it has existed in the old timeline and to prepare ourselves for a new human experience, one grounded in absolute truths about life and the cosmos. The political and social war that has just burst into flames is not between political parties and their visions of America, but between those who accept the restructuring of reality as it rises out of the red pill and those who desperately search for the blue pill to reassure themselves that they are safe. In this timeline, however, there are no blue pills and the past out of which humanity drew its justifications for hatred and violence will quickly dissipate from human consciousness. Over the next few years, blue pill reality will be dismantled brick by brick, thread by thread, stitch by stitch, and thought by thought. There will be no going back, no restoration of normalcy, and no rescue from above. We are it. It’s up to us how we accept our destiny.