Deep Knowing and the Bonds of Distant Earth

It’s 4:45 in the morning. I have just returned from a profound meditation and have brought back with me another wave of deep knowing, a condition I have cultivated over the years that is not of the mind, the world, or the universe, but it is more completely who I am than the chaotic, disturbing condition that collectively amounts to the madness human beings experience as normal life.

Madness is a loss of contact with the original state of being out of which everything emerges, continuously, and which contains the full matrix for the entirety of existence, which has the who, what, when, where, and energy(forget about why) of everything through multi-dimensions of space and time, cosmos after cosmos. You get the picture. Humanity as a whole and you and me particularly are expressions of and connected to the full matrix of everything that exists. We are built into the whole picture. It is the failure consciously to connect with the ground state of existence, which is all of the cosmos as one thing and more, that threatens to destroy us. Sooner or later but inevitably, unless enough of us establish that contact, humanity will self-destruct. Right now being a human being is like walking in a dark room with a tiny flashlight whose batteries are giving out while walls collapse, floors buckles, and roofs fall in. Now imagine why we might want to travel to Mars.

There are lessons to be learned in wanting to travel to Mars. Many think we will need another planet to retreat to after we have destroyed the Earth, either through violence against each other, violence against the physical planet through poisoning the environment, or violence from a meteor or comet impacting the Earth and causing an extinction level event. The more aware we become of these things, the more imminent this destruction seems.

One of the biggest risks in traveling to Mars for whatever reason is the degradation of the body when exposed to deep space during the six to seven months of weightless travel, including bone loss, accumulation of water in the brain, exposure to cosmic radiation, and the random particle of matter traveling at thousands of miles an hour that can destroy a ship in an unpredictable instant, not to mention surviving on a planet under conditions meant for Martians, whenever they may have been in the past or might be in the future. Human beings existing successfully in purely Martian conditions is a very big unknown and cannot be defined exclusively by the parameters of organic or technological physical systems. Can human beings live for an extended period of time away from the energetic definitions of Earth? Not an idol question.

Social cohesion within a small group of travelers can be practiced on Earth, but we have no idea what a human being will experience when contemplating reality millions of miles distant from the home planet. The farthest human consciousness has traveled from Earth is 240 thousand miles, the distance from here to the moon. Can you imagine looking in the direction of planet Earth from 10 million miles away long after it has winked out into infinite blackness? A handful of ultra tiny particles of conscious matter traveling through the blackness of an infinite universe conjures up another angle on human madness. I had a taste of that experience a few years ago in the vast emptiness of Western Tibet watching a dog belonging to no one sitting by itself in the middle of nowhere staring into the distance.  A pat on the head wouldn’t do it.

Nevertheless, humanity has committed to undertaking this journey carrying the home planet madness with it. Successful colonization of Mars, however, might require a restructuring of the human matrix, DNA plus other substructures of matter yet to be discovered by science, and it might take many inexplicable failures before scientists and engineers learn to operate out of deep knowing and turn to meditative technologies for transforming the non-material component of the human matrix, its mental and emotional “wiring,” into something which will allow humanity to recreate itself into a race capable of traveling great distances into space and of loving each other at home. Why not? Follow the yellow brick road.

One afternoon a few years ago, I was having lunch with a friend. She was discussing the troubles her daughter was having as a single mother abandoned by the father of her child. Never having been a parent and never having had regrets about not having children, I could only empathize so much. At some point while she was speaking, a vast, silent space opened up from behind my mind and I found myself listening to this conversation from a perspective that allowed me to know and observe things from outside earthplanet plane. I knew with deep knowing that my friend might as well have been a mother bear clutching her cub. This would never do. Human beings were still thrashing around in the jungles of human animal existence and there was no refuge for them from that bondage as long as primitive emotions ruled the day.

From where I was witnessing this conversation, it was clear that the family unit and its emotional resistance to change was evolutionary baggage, and that the consciousness of each human individual in mediated or unmediated contact with a core quantum of undefined being was the condition upon which human survival would be built. From that mode of existence all things are experientially possible in the universe, including survival of the Earth, travel to the planets and stars, love and joy at home, not to mention unimaginable movements through the highways and byways of inner space that involve taking on many forms and identities with which to explore off planet planes of existence. I gleaned all of that in a few seconds while my friend wiped away tears arising from speaking of the travails of her daughter. It was all in the tears.

As the New Timeline rushes in and overtakes the conditions of the old, humanity will cease to be defined by the family unit and the sexual identities that have been the root of human selfhood since our progenitors dropped from the trees and started walking on land. This change has been underway for a long time. We all know it. Traveling to Mars will be a great adventure to watch as it unfolds, but engaging the inner landscape and transforming the mode by which we exist as a self so that we can know the universe as a manifestation of that self will be the only chance humanity has to survive, whether on Earth or on Mars, and until we rise to the level of that supreme achievement, humanity will have made no contribution to the glory of the cosmos.