Deep Knowing Through Contact with the Quantum Cosmos

My contribution to the world's transformation is the websites I have created and the inner work I do on other planes within networks of other beings who hold the Earth on course. Nothing more to say about them. The websites, however, are a different story. They exist for anybody who wishes to take advantage of their power to stabilize and transform human awareness from deep within the shrouds of human thinking and projecting one's personal consciousness directly into the unbounded field of pure being, which I call godspace and the quantum cosmos. While working with this material, one goes outside the mind and gradually layers into the personal consciousness the transcendent reality, which the personal story obscures. Back and forth. That’s what they do. Working with these sites will develop profound levels of “deep knowing.” All of these sites are alive.

The Fire of Life Oracle
Personal questions addressed to the Oracle are doorways through which you are projected out of your personal existence into godspace, where you are a real being, not the story being of your personal life. Godspace is where real events occur. The purpose of these excursions is to turn you into a real being doing real things. What are real things? The Oracle will tell you if you really want to know. Instructions for use are on the site. The link is to the left of this column. In the New Timeline, your godbeing presence will bring a profound stabilizing influence to the world as it unwinds into its new reality. Remember, intellectual understanding is helpful but not necessary.

Godspace, Godbeings, and the Quantum Cosmos
The material on this site is drawn from commentaries to the Fire of Life Oracle Prayers. They are for exploration when one is drawn to the energy but wishes to explore themes more broadly than what is offered in a single prayer. Read the Invocations for Entering Godspace several times to open the door. The link is in the left column at the top.

Call to the Galactic Mind
This site directs one’s consciousness outside of earthplanet plane into the greater cosmos, which for us means the cosmic plane of the Galactic Mind. Earthplanet plane exists as a sub-plane of that magnificent being, whose reality is the source of everything we know as real. Through working with this site you come to the original intent of all things possible within earthplanet plane and way beyond our single planetary existence. This site must be engaged wholly in order to grasp its significance. Reading this and that will yield very little connection to the galactic field. Regular exposure to it will put your personal existence into a new perspective and is ideal for supporting forward movement into the New Timeline.

Krishna and the Self-Existent Glory
The experiences on this site take place exclusively under the purview of the Galactic Mind. It’s about being in the presence. In order to gain any benefit from it, however, one would have to have spent much quality time with the other sites creating the vibratory keys that will resonate in the galactic field. Although I have hundreds of pages of written material, the actual download for the site has not begun. Soon. I am sure. My bones are shaking with anticipation. The message here is “Get ready!”