What New Thought to Die For

I spent some of this weekend with my young, military, Fox News, round the bend patriotic cousin. It was our first time together since the election so there was a lot to catch up on. Now I have been a democrat since my mother told me at age twelve that the democrats look after the little guy. That appraisal of the democratic party sounds noble enough to this day to buy into, but I am sure it stuck because she was my mother. Part of our time together was spent viewing a damning film on the democrats and Hillary Clinton. It was eye-opening in many areas and dripping with venom but conceptually not nearly as over the top and out to the moon as David Icke, my guru for all things conspiratorial, including alien lizards controlling our minds, and moon bases broadcasting submission programming to us everyday. What David Icke has done for me is to free me from virtually all political narratives, left and right, enabling me to see through all media versions of the national dance. It’s not all lies to me because he says so. It’s all lies because I can see it! Some how reading his books transmits a frequency of consciousness that’s like cleaning out the mind in regard to all public propaganda. Thanks, David. I’ll keep the alien lizards in reserve, but I get it.

So, the great thing about the lively dialogue with my cousin was that we suspended our usual serious diatribes in favor of great fun, much laughter, and willingness to crawl out from our stuck points of view. He even let me go on about David Icke and promised he would read one of his books. What we were experiencing was that in the new age of Trump, all things are possible because there are no frames of reference that haven’t been compromised, and no one can explain what is going on. Like the man said at one rally a couple of days ago, “Don’t anticipate what is going to happen. The script hasn’t been written. And you are in charge.” Okay!” I said. “Bring it on!” My attitude for a long time.

At the heat of our discussion, when ideas, accusations, and visions of improbable futures were flying around the room, I put up my arms and shouted, “Stop! Here’s the deal. Good and true things to believe are going to be in short supply for a long time,” I said, “so instead of grabbing a hold of this or that piece of political propaganda, knowing its all shit, we should just ask ourselves what beliefs would we want to have as our last stance on earth? Might as well find them now.  Know what it is and protect it. There’s nothing out there you can lean on for truth, justice, much less the American way.” Of course, there was God, Jesus, and the afterlife, but having only a short time together, that was as far as we got. Nevertheless, what a splendid time we had. I have never felt closer to him.

But for me and readers of this blog, there’s more. My cousin laughed at the idea of the New Timeline after I read him a few entries from my blog. Which is probably  a lot harder to take than alien ETs controlling human affairs. I get it, and that’s okay. Right now for me, though, just about anything can rise to the level of “Why not!” A new timeline was my vision of the new reality, but it was too much for him. Nevertheless, somewhere in the back and forth, in a moment that came and went with little fanfare, I said, “The only real way to deal with this is to come into that undefined core of who we are and live our lives from there.”

How to do that, of course, is the catch. I have my way of moving into the slipstream of a real life, others will find theirs. My point to readers here isn’t so different from what I offered to my cousin; the only thing I want to emphasize here is the urgency. Now really means now! There aren’t enough news channels on the TV, or pages in a newspaper, or leafs in a book of scriptures that will bring you home to one, real, reliable point of view, the place of no confusion, the place where you are the real you.

From a commentary in the Fire of Life Oracle, Prayer 11:

All of your aspirations are part of the human condition, but they cannot be fulfilled within human life. No matter what you have done to address your longings, you remain unresolved within your existential core. In accepting this uncertainty within your being, you become capable of intimacy with spirit. The depth of the number eleven prayer is uncontainable within human knowing; nevertheless, encapsulated within its language is a seed of possible revelation once genuine intimacy opens inside you.