April 25 Burst of Awakening

Click the link. Watch and listen.

This is John with a 2 minute burst of awakening from the invisible room. If you have not yet heard episode 04, you have some wonderful things to look forward to: in that episode we journey deep into the invisible room in search of the flame of living love, the love that eternally is. With this love in our hearts, the whole world begins to shine with the light that first emerges from the dark mystery of existence, the light that eventually becomes you and me. We take on the mantle of eternal explorers, self-sufficient, awake and ready to find our own opportunities for further awakening. We learn what it means to feel at home with the eternal mystery, the fire of life, and the grace to be. It all happens in the invisible room in episode 04.

In a few days, episode 05 will be upon us. This episode will push aside all the limiting conditions of the mind so that we can dive deep in search of the original beings, asking the original questions about existence. When we find these ancient buddhas meditating along the shore of the ocean of being, we will hear them silently asking for all eternity "Who am I? Who am I?", asking inside of you, asking inside of me, asking inside of everything. Through our interaction with them, we learn what a godbeing is and how the ancient paths through the quantum cosmos are ours to travel, if we choose. And we do all of this from within the invisible room once we settle into a comfortable chair and find our way past the activities of the day and the sounds of the words disappearing into the emptiness. Be sure to join me every week for these adventures, and always remember: You are the mystery itself; everything else you experience is but the flowering of that mystery.

What’s Going on in Episodes 1-5?

Episodes 1-3 condition one’s awareness to experiencing life from outside the thinking mind. One “looks up” from the game (ep 01). The invisible room is the undefined, original condition of life, the original thing that exists, the original self. These three episodes cultivate the direct experience of life from this point-of-view. Life can never be complete without being awake to one’s original, divine source and center. The mind of the personal self is dense with conditioning and ineffective in charting a fulfilling path through life. Inside the mind, life is a story; outside the mind, life is real, eternal, and absolute. It is “home.” These first three episodes establish the reality of the invisible room.

Episodes 4-5 are explorations of “substructures” within the invisible room. A door opens to the living love flame, which is the source of all light and love in the universe (ep 04). We then look deep into and activate within one’s personal consciousness the eternal, ongoing questions about reality that stir the background thinking of every human being but are obscured by the indoctrinations of the collective consciousness (ep 05). Experiences in these two episodes pave the way for life divine to participate in one’s personal life and for one to actively explore spiritual consciousness beyond the mind. Just to listen is to awaken. More listening brings more awakening. 

Listen to an episode now.

Announcing The Invisible Room Podcast

It's finally here. After months of preparation and years of foraging through my inner landscape, a form has arisen. iTunes has spoken. The Invisible Room Podcast is up. The best way to sample the podcast is to listen to the  03:47 "Ep 000 Invitation," which gives you a feeling for what it is about and my inspiration for creating it.

All episodes are around 30 minutes. You can also find the podcast app on iTunes and on Google Play Music, where the first four episodes are available for download. They will likely load into your device last to first. They are, however, meant to be listened to in sequence. Subsequent episodes will be numbered in the titles.

I will post reminders on FB and Twitter (@hiddendragon333) when new episodes are published, which will be weekly on Friday afternoons. Episode 04 went up today.

The show is unique and has been months in preparation, both externally in learning the technology and internally in cultivating the inner spaces the show traverses. Try it and see. The mind slows down. Inner space opens up. If you feel uplifted, pass the word, along with five stars.

By the way, it is my firm belief that eventually this podcast will have thousands of listeners.

Waiting for iTunes

I am only a day or two away from submitting The Invisible Room Podcast to iTunes and Google Play. Things have been unfolding so quickly. I can’t tell whether this event has been created by intent or is flowering. It's both, of course. Things I have needed to understand suddenly are understood, either by turning the page of a book, watching a tutorial on YouTube, or listening to online podcast courses put out there by the “big boys,” those who have honed their podcasting skills into millions of dollars a year. Not my way, but they have much to offer for this neophyte and I am grateful for the ropes they laid for others to find.

Everything feels part of the whole, and now I can sense the first blossoms ready to emerge. A lifetime of spiritual adventure is about to come together into something that might actually be of lasting value to those who chose to come along. It started back in ancient times, the night he-who-must-not-be-named slouched his way to Washington to be president (Yeats reference for lit students), and I found myself shifted into a new timeline where the past is rapidly fading into non-existence, and doors into higher spiritual realms have opened wider. At the annual Avatar Wizard course in February, I tilled the soil and rooted out many life-diminishing features in my personal consciousness and planted the seeds of this adventure. Clean the stables, make the commitment, don’t turn back. Anyway, where to go?

Social media extensions are legion so I have picked just a few: my personal FB page; the Perspectives from the New Timeline blog site; Twitter for quick comments and announcements “@hiddendragon333”; and Instagram for photos at “jrldragon.” I shall put up the podcast website when iTunes gives their okay.  

. . . on our way home to the farther shore.

The Invisible Room Podcast

I created The Invisible Room Podcast as an opportunity for listeners to spend a few minutes a week deepening their experience of their divine source and center. Each episode is experiential. Week by week, we learn to walk the razor's edge between reality and the stories we tell about reality. Coming in early May.