April 25 Burst of Awakening

Click the link. Watch and listen.

This is John with a 2 minute burst of awakening from the invisible room. If you have not yet heard episode 04, you have some wonderful things to look forward to: in that episode we journey deep into the invisible room in search of the flame of living love, the love that eternally is. With this love in our hearts, the whole world begins to shine with the light that first emerges from the dark mystery of existence, the light that eventually becomes you and me. We take on the mantle of eternal explorers, self-sufficient, awake and ready to find our own opportunities for further awakening. We learn what it means to feel at home with the eternal mystery, the fire of life, and the grace to be. It all happens in the invisible room in episode 04.

In a few days, episode 05 will be upon us. This episode will push aside all the limiting conditions of the mind so that we can dive deep in search of the original beings, asking the original questions about existence. When we find these ancient buddhas meditating along the shore of the ocean of being, we will hear them silently asking for all eternity "Who am I? Who am I?", asking inside of you, asking inside of me, asking inside of everything. Through our interaction with them, we learn what a godbeing is and how the ancient paths through the quantum cosmos are ours to travel, if we choose. And we do all of this from within the invisible room once we settle into a comfortable chair and find our way past the activities of the day and the sounds of the words disappearing into the emptiness. Be sure to join me every week for these adventures, and always remember: You are the mystery itself; everything else you experience is but the flowering of that mystery.