What’s Going on in Episodes 1-5?

Episodes 1-3 condition one’s awareness to experiencing life from outside the thinking mind. One “looks up” from the game (ep 01). The invisible room is the undefined, original condition of life, the original thing that exists, the original self. These three episodes cultivate the direct experience of life from this point-of-view. Life can never be complete without being awake to one’s original, divine source and center. The mind of the personal self is dense with conditioning and ineffective in charting a fulfilling path through life. Inside the mind, life is a story; outside the mind, life is real, eternal, and absolute. It is “home.” These first three episodes establish the reality of the invisible room.

Episodes 4-5 are explorations of “substructures” within the invisible room. A door opens to the living love flame, which is the source of all light and love in the universe (ep 04). We then look deep into and activate within one’s personal consciousness the eternal, ongoing questions about reality that stir the background thinking of every human being but are obscured by the indoctrinations of the collective consciousness (ep 05). Experiences in these two episodes pave the way for life divine to participate in one’s personal life and for one to actively explore spiritual consciousness beyond the mind. Just to listen is to awaken. More listening brings more awakening. 

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