Primer for Life Inside the Invisible Room Part II

What Does it Mean to Travel the Quantum Cosmos?

Travel through the world of time and space is exciting adventure for human beings looking to expand their life experience. On Earth there are beautiful landscapes of water, earth, fire, and air. The roar of the senses and the rapture in the loins give the world its pleasures, around which we fashion the beliefs and stories we use to control our passions and define the world. This is what human beings do. This is what they know.

The space beyond the planetary sphere opens the mind to the grand speculations of science, philosophy, and religion. The universe, however, looks back in its wonder and mystery, only to say, “There you are!” The incidentals of living have changed throughout the ages, but never the core. Souls come and go in endless rounds of pain and confusion. Time-bound and ignorant of spirit, very few human souls ever experience the grand drama of existence. Pedal and break is all they know.

Humanity has nowhere to travel that will change this condition. Trips to Mars or Proxima Centuri only extend its reach until it perishes in the carbon ash of worn out seed, not very far down the road from that fruitless vision. A few grand souls will transcend the world and the human condition and explore new vistas until the universe itself tires of the grand futility of fading form, and the overlord of that incarnation, itself a projection of the quantum cosmos, surrenders its illusion as supreme deity, and the quantum lord of that plane turns it off.

The self-supreme of the quantum traveler is the invisible room, the one that’s deep inside our human longing; it is eternal, absolute, and the source of our lives as we walk in the world. The universe it perceives through our eyes is its creation, out of the infinite potential of its invisible room. When it travels inside the world to explore its creation, it never forgets who it is or the intent that moves it. Such an explorer of worldspace is a godbeing traveler, living out the godseeds imparted to it to explore.

Every godbeing of the invisible room serves a godbeing master on a higher plane, on and on into the vast unknown. The quantum cosmos works like this: for each creation, there is one explorer, one traveler. That creation can be a unique, individual life; it can be a whole planet world of many lives and dimensions; it can be a universe full of myriad worlds and astonishing beings; or a grand design from unknown planes beyond the beyond. 

A quantum traveler creates, experiences, and discreates the reality that arises from its mysterious core, its invisible room. It may choose to enter its creation to serve the intent of its godbeing master. Or the greater godbeing master may choose to enter its worldspace creation. Godbeing incursions have occurred many times on earthplanet plane.

Quantum travelers live the grand drama of existence the way it really is. They move through the quantum cosmos on dark waves of existence pulsing out of the deep unknown. These waves are the deepest of the deepest mystery of the invisible room. 

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