What Are We Thinking About Today?

Everyday thoughts begin as reality streaming out of the living love flame, making its way through many dimensions of the quantum cosmos and ultimately into your brain and mine becoming what I think of as me and what you think of as you (and vice versa). Those thoughts, familiar, fruitless, and for the most part dead, are little more than the body dealing with mortality. By the time they hit the street, their point of origin is long wrung out of their sense of knowing what is real and replaced with endless repetition of unresolved emotional and social issues that are never fully resolved in a lifespan, even a long one. Feeling good is still a veil. What to do? Can we open that door and just get a peek outside the veils of the story?

From inside the invisible room, we learn to build a new life. We learn that karmic seeds are like weeds growing wildly in an untended garden and that godseeds are available for living should one “look up from the game” and have just a moment’s startling realization that one is responsible for one’s personal garden and that flowers abound when living love floods the invisible room and godseeds stir with the desire to live a mortal life, to open mortal eyes, to travel mortal thoroughfares, to enjoy the mortal pleasures of the senses as god-given joys embedded in the waves of being; and then to die the real death of knowing absolute.

Join the conversation. Every episode is an extension of the previous one; each episode is the beginning. Episode 07 smooths out the consternation one may feel upon realizing that one’s life is a story and stirs the energy for the first journey into the quantum cosmos. Living love prepares the way. Living love opens the door, and when we travel, living love is who we are.