What is a Real Being?

Episode 06 of The Invisible Room Podcast is entitled "Real Choices for Real Beings." We have spent many episodes bringing what a “real being” is into focus, but here now are a few written words dedicated to enhancing that clarity. Know that the child depicted below is awake.

Who are real beings? Real beings are people conscious of what is going on behind the scenes of their life stories, on the other side of the mind, where interpretations of reality are dynamically acted out within the spirit and cause us to look at the world the way we do. The grand secret a real being knows is this: The world as we see it is not fixed; there are other possibilities.

Most human beings live out their lives without ever facing the dynamics of how we individually and the universe in its totality come into existence every moment every day. It's there to be seen and experienced. Real beings are out to know who they are and what the world is and understand that this kind of knowledge is not text book material. It takes courage to take on the unknown in this way and to question down to the depths of one's being how things work, and living with the reality that one's consciousness designs the universe one perceives.

The hardest thing to face about the human condition is that our happiness depends upon becoming a real being. It depends upon untangling ourselves from the religious and scientific indoctrinations that we take for granted and which bind our spirits to the most abject attitudes toward our fellow human beings. Our value and justification for existing as living creatures in the cosmos depends upon becoming a real being; and the stance we take when we contemplate the inevitability of death is seriously diminished when we have taken no step into the unknown; death, of course, being the absolute reminder that we are all real beings struggling to reach out into the unknown for our destiny. Tragically, it might be said that people cheat, maim, and kill other people every day just so that they do not have to look at these things square on.

My purpose in this podcast is not to teach, to inform or to inspire; it's to stir nascent life energy waiting to burst on the scene with love, wisdom, compassion, courage, and the most exciting knowledge of all--that we exist as part of a grand cosmic design. To miss that awakening is the deepest of human tragedies.