Enlightenment and the Coming of The Divine

Listen to Ep 14 The Grand Gathering of Quantum Travelers

It’s all happening in a rush! Veils are falling and we are reeling in the winds of change as new realizations sweep through our minds, leaving unanswered questions exposed to the light of our knowing, bringing to the fore the most basic questions that will transform our lives when addressed with clarity and courage. 

The question of enlightenment defines the lives of many people who have explored the depths of their being through prayer, meditation, ritual, worship, and holding sacred the unquenched longing that grips the core of our hearts. Here you and I struggle together. It’s time to pull this issue out of the depths. Let us push aside the expectations and disappointments. The cry “I want to live!” has transformed into the cry “I want to be enlightened!” Take it on! Feel it now! Deep in our hearts, the unquenchable longing is waiting for the touch that puts everything right and clear and opens our depths to the divine gaze, to the being who knows all, who is the answer where there are no questions and whose intent for you becomes obvious, when you bow down in surrender to what has always been. 

The reason I say so now is that we are approaching the place in The Invisible Room Podcast where the light and information and the vibrational lift is coming directly from the Galactic Mind making deep incursions into the lives of those who are ready to pull off the veils, to perceive with clarity the nature of enlightenment and receive preparation for the ultimate journey into the great beyond as enlightened, knowing beings joined to the grand community of enlightened beings working consciously and deliberately to prepare for the culmination of earthplanet’s spiritual awakening, to move unequivocally into the divine flow that is creating the Quantum Light Body Vehicle, represented by the flower image that accompanies this writing and the 14th broadcast of this program, and leaving behind all the past lives, including the one being lived now, and dying into the absolute spirit that is the invisible room or whatever designation inside you which raises your vibration the highest. Be the lover, then let love die. 

Deep inside we are holding on to something that is outside any of the life experiences we have clung to and died for over many lifetimes. Through mighty labors in the heart, we have learned how to release ourselves from so many things, but not this one. This desperate clutching is happening deeper than anything we have known in the world. It is the awakening spirit’s trepidation for surrendering into the infinite. For us it is death, a step we cannot deliberately take because it defies our most basic human grounding—life! Being clutches being as something other in the infinite darkness and cannot let go of this experience of itself without the direct intervention of the divine other, the grand lord of this plane of quantum cosmos, the awakened Galactic Mind, through which comes the recognition that you dwell safely in bosom of this divine being. There is no other place to go but to surrender to this action coming to you. You have not longed for this in vain.  

Enlightenment is not a myth, but it is more than awakening, which is an extension of consciousness into the created realms and carries its own grandeur to be lived out in many existences over the lifetime of this cosmos. Enlightenment is existence in the way of God. It is the extinction of the unquenchable desire in favor of riding waves of the grand mystery of all that is, of fearlessly grasping and accepting the original condition, the unborn substance quivering in its unresolvable self-knowing. Enlightened beings take on what absolutely is, as does the godbeing of this plane of the quantum cosmos, the Galactic Mind.

For anyone who has felt these words moving into their divine depths, it is time for inner resolution. Nothing other than that can be done.  No judgments can be made about who you are or how you stand. Your coming and going is part of the mystery only the divine one knows. Just feel the deep waves moving and know. 

Listen to Ep 14 The Grand Gathering of Quantum Light Travelers