The Prayer for Transcendent Peace from the Ancient Masters of the Quantum Cosmos

Episode 10 of The Invisible Room Podcast, “The Prayer for Transcendent Peace” is a special episode.

It is short (08:30 min.), powerful, and has a single purpose. It opens doors from the higher planes of the quantum cosmos so that transcendent peace may flow into our personal lives. It stabilizes the invisible room experience for human souls longing to escape the endless rounds of lives lived in karmic bondage. Without transcendent peace entering our lives from the quantum cosmos, there is no personal peace. Without transcendent peace spreading across the land, there is no hope for human survival. Without the transcendent peace of the invisible room, there is no travel in the quantum cosmos.
Episode 10 also introduces the Ancient Masters, who were the first masters to awaken in the original light of earthplanet plane. Their emergence out of the nascent planetary light was a miracle of the quantum cosmos. When they had the opportunity to ascend completely out of earthplanet plane, they turned back and saved humanity from complete collapse when its first manifestations of life nearly imploded in density and confusion. 
Operating out of their invisible rooms, they projected individual lives out of their modules of perception into the diminished realities of human consciousness and imparted to human thinking the power to create the realities they wanted to live. These events occurred in quantum space, when human consciousness was a light barely flickering in the darkness and planetary space was barely distinguishable from the matter it embraced.

After bringing light, and hope, and knowledge of godspace to human consciousness, the Ancient Masters returned to the higher planes of the quantum cosmos. In this prayer, we acknowledge the crises humanity faces today, and we ask for their return to help us from their level of the quantum perception. We ask them to bestow upon us transcendent peace. In return, we offer our light in service to the world.