from The Prayer for Transcendent Peace

Here is a part of "The Prayer for Transcendent Peace." Notice the four particulars:

Today human suffering is of a much different order. The ancient ways no longer serve. The teachings of the past have cracked under the strains of existential confusion. Human stories of life are no longer real. As awake human beings who hear the cry of humanity, we call out to the masters from the ancient times. We ask them to return to earthplanet plane, (1) to shower humanity with seeds of self-knowing, (2) to send waves of themselves into the fine sheaths of the world, (3) to untangle human knowledge from the distortions of time. (4) May they spread knowledge of godspace throughout all the lands. 

This prayer we offer to the intent the godbeing beyond. We invoke the ancient buddhas on the shores of the unknown and offer our self-knowledge to the living love flame. For the greater beyond, our spirits burn.