High Vibrational Lenses

The Invisible Room Podcast is undergoing a dramatic shift upward in vibration. This new vibration arrives with “Ep 13 Platform 9 3/4: All Aboard for the Self-Existing Glory!” Both the new intro and the content reflect an advanced vision and greater possibilities for insight into how this podcast is flowering. In any episode, there is the availability of concepts that make the episode comprehensible on the mental level. One can also “feel” the truth of an experience one might have while listening. Certainly, that feeling value and the understanding value have been my goals to this point. 

Starting with this new episode, which I will post Friday morning, those circumstances will become secondary to experiencing a vibrational shift while listening that will enable one to “see” the reality being referenced by the words. In other words, the experience of each episode is available at the higher vibrations. Absent that higher vibration, the sounds become just a blur of words. That’s why I sought out from Michael Garfield new music for the intro to upcoming episodes so that the material being addressed in each episode is more likely to swim into view. Since the creation of the new intro, I have found it difficult to listen to earlier episodes, which carry a beautiful but denser vibration. An hour ago, I tried to listen to “Ep 13” to prepare for writing these words, but my vibration was too low for me to catch hold of it. Ten minutes passed and I hadn’t heard a word.

In the last few minutes, Rachel and I enjoyed a splendid conversation about our experiences of the deep waters of spirit, and the profound mysteries that we engage when those deep waters touch the conscious mind, and, lo, here I am with the necessary vibration that I can write these words. Concurrent with that conversation was a discussion of Rachel possibly receiving cataract surgery to bring splendor back to her vision. See the connection? Not the first time that a conversation with Rachel has pointed the way.

If you feel committed to “hearing” what is in “Ep 13,” I recommend a once through to support the vibrational shift and then another time through to “hear” what is there. In this case, hearing is knowing. Another way to lift your vibration for these upcoming episodes is to listen to “The New High Vibrational Intro” until you can hear all the words without “going away.” (Probably impossible to do.) Find the link in the left menu on the podcast page and here. The higher vibration will also help you receive transmission from the images that come with each episode.  If you wish to play with this idea of vibrational surge, listen to the intro on the home page, which I dearly love and still believe in; then listen to “The New High Vibrational Intro.” The world is, indeed, different at a higher vibrational perception. 

When consciousness stabilizes at a higher vibration, we walk in the light of reality. What is happening behind the scenes becomes thoroughly obvious because the curtains covering those realities are no longer there. The presence of other beings moving through the world giving aid to awakening travelers becomes unquestioned. The reality of a gathering point for spirits preparing for ascension into higher planes of the quantum cosmos becomes obvious. No convincing necessary. For many who listen to this episode, the reference to that place will turn into a memory of what is already known at the higher vibration. Those who are awakening in their human existence and who remember why they are here walk with a purpose imbedded in the reality field, rather than with purposes generated out of old karmic seeds being replanted for future generations to grind out.

For those awakening to their presence in the quantum cosmos gathering field, their destiny is awaiting them on Platform 9 ¾. For more information, lift your vibration and play “Ep 13 Platform 9 ¾: All Aboardfor the Self-Existing Glory!” Live in its love! Burn in its beauty!