Introducing the Ancient Masters of Earthplanet Plane

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Ep 11 A Shawshank Letter from the Ancient Masters
Ep 12 The Reality of the Quantum Cosmos: A Traveler's Guide

In ancient times, when the world had little light, and hope was dim that one could live without suffering, great rishis, sages, and masters of meditation discovered the original light and saw the world being born. They saw who they were in the cosmic design and traveled the corridors of unknowing through the quantum cosmos. They bowed deep before the cosmic splendor. Their godbeing masters enlightened them fully.

Many of these masters still dwell in the caves of earthplanet plane, living their lives out of the original light. Every thought that they have is of transcendent glory. Every thought is a godseed for seekers of God. 

From ancient times to this day and beyond, these masters show ready travelers into the quantum cosmos. They search far-flung planets for creatures of light, who are fired to follow where they have gone, to discover the deepest mysteries of who they are.

Others masters from ancient times returned to the dense planes of human existence. They transformed the strongest souls into carriers of light and taught them how to create life stories through meditation and prayer. They manifested  sacred sounds to fill their minds with light. They taught enlightenment as the purpose of living. 

Lifetime after lifetime these carriers of light cultivated the highest callings of spirit. They created lineages of masters from one age to another to show the way to transcendence and the life beyond. Through the grinding wheel of time and the density of matter, they changed the conditions of day-to-day living and aligned the human race with righteous desires. They filled the world with enlightened beings.

As the world grew in light and knowledge of God, the ancient masters retreated to the higher planes of self-knowing. They created new pathways through the quantum cosmos in service to the longings of the ancient beings, who are eternally on their way home to the farther shore.