New Waves of Being Flowing into The Invisible Room Podcast

This weekend The Invisible Room Podcast drew more listeners than any other weekend since it launched in mid-April. That is very exciting news for me and, in my opinion, for the world. The social and political drama we are living through is so small compared to the grand drama of existence, which is available to all of us just on the other side of the thinking mind. 

Coming into the invisible room and slipping out of the straight jacket of one thought after another brings into our purview the eternal landscape of existence, the quantum cosmos. The more people who opt out of delimited consciousness in favor of life on a landscape that includes the Ancient Masters and many more grand beings, the more our world will become realigned with the energies of the greater godbeing/buddha who is the overlord of this dimension of the quantum cosmos. Don’t believe this? That’s okay. Belief and disbelief are conditions of the mind. Knowing these things from outside the mind does not include the words printed here.

I thank all who have visited the two podcast sites and have listened to the audios and read the posts, but I extend a special thanks to those from foreign lands who tuned in to at least one episode: China, Ireland, Australia, The UK, Mexico, Indonesia, India, and Belgium. Seeds are planted across the global inner landscape.

The Invisible Room Podcast is undergoing a vibrational shift. Here is an overview of how things have transpired so far: 

Episodes 01-03 give us a taste of what life might be like when not defined by the thinking mind and the burdens it carries from past experiences, unfulfilled desires, and the unmastered psychological identities that keep our inner landscapes churned up. One might begin this podcast journey here, but with the changes going on now in the inner landscape, these episodes may be obsolete.

Episodes 04 and 05 open the first doors into the divine landscape. The living love flame and the deep inquiry of the ancient buddhas on the shores of the unknown are essential vibrations for emerging identities-supreme, which are the vehicles by which we traverse the quantum cosmos once we become liberated from the indoctrinations of the thinking mind. 

Episodes 06-09 begin the process by which listeners can activate an intent to “trade in” their karmic seeds, which generate lifetime after lifetime on earthplanet plane with very slow spiritual movement toward liberation, for godseeds emanating out of their invisible rooms, which can override karmic tendencies in favor of thoughts and experiences that open one to the grand drama of existence. Locked inside a room of diminished reality or stepping outside into the world that really is? Upon what part of one’s inner landscape does one stand for these options to be real?

Episodes 10-12 provide a transition from having one’s personal existence as the sole window into the universe into opening one’s inner life so that the downflow of cosmic consciousness from the higher planes into one’s invisible room will occur with minimum constriction. Tools for this work include short pieces that help integrate the personal experience with the invisible room experience. These tools include:

*     A Guided Journey into the Quantum Cosmos (available when Episode 12 is posted on June 16)

Episode 13 is beyond description. I know what it is, but I have yet to create it. This weekend I felt a profound shift in the energies that are being transmitted through the podcast and these written messages. Episode 13 will be posted June 23. 

The invisible room and the quantum cosmos are deep within us. There is no “out there” to go to. They exist in the silence, in the deep silence where infinitely tender threads of self-knowing provide passageways into the unknown. For sure passage through the quantum cosmos, we offer homage to the living love flame. For the traveler of the quantum cosmos, living love is the all-that-is. Living love resides within us, just on the other side of the veil that says these words are not real. 

Thanks again for participating in this journey.