The Miracle of Music in the Great Beyond

Michael Garfield

When we make ourselves available to the divine majesty moving through everything, miracles happen. The latest miracle to happen to me was Michael Garfield’s album Martian Arts. I have used his music for all episodes of The Invisible Room Podcast, letting the music expand the inner spaces of those entering the invisible room energy and for me creating the words of each episode. 

A few days ago, the vibration in the world suddenly went up. I knew something had happened but did not realize from how deep these new waves of the divine mystery were rising until one afternoon on my deck when my vibration burst into the great beyond listening to this album. I didn’t want to come back. I felt myself riding waves of the infinite, supported by the unbounded ocean of being. The rhythms, the ongoingness, departing, returning, expanding, contracting, and the many sudden very strange moments—all of this gave way to the mystery itself, and after listening 3-4 times in sequence, I knew I needed to bring my podcast into the space this music opened up inside me. Spirit moves in waves. Mystery moves in waves. I am an experienced traveler outside the world of mind and sense. This music brings me home. 

I am grateful to Michael for allowing me to use "Olympus Mons," a track from this album, to help me lift The Invisible Room Podcast into a more expanded space. These things are not planned. One is fortunate to be in favorable alignment with one’s outer world when the waves of mystery pass through. When one reads the comments which Michael added to the publication of this album, it is easy see that the deep mystery came for him that night. One of the grand expressions of that encounter is this music. Read his comments by clicking the first link below. Consider becoming a supporter.