Ticket to Ride

I get it! If I had a chance to go into orbit, I’d go in a flash. What a breathtaking adventure to see the earth as a ball in space in the infinite blackness. I get it! And the people who want to go to Mars, even on a one-way trip and pay billions of dollars for a ticket! Who doesn’t get just an inkling of what that means to a human being, even if much of this posturing comes from longings left over from childhood? Deep inside, something indeed stirs us to push our boundaries over the horizon and swell to proportions of being that . . . well, that what? Until the death boundary shows up and doesn’t get pushed around by any sort of fascination with the world as we see it.
Those who have been reading my blogs and listening to my broadcasts have noticed by now that my vision doesn’t allow human existence to be confined by the vulnerability of the mortal form to inevitable extinction. Life beyond is what I point to. Mortality is an issue only to those are so glued into the world that spirit exists merely as a topic of discussion or at best as a principle of belief.
For me spirit is a vehicle for travel into the great beyond that has no place on a map of the world, or the solar system, or the galaxy. Once you know, you climb aboard, or, if you really want to travel, you surrender completely into the conditions of spirit, your invisible room, and boot up the cosmic intelligence command and control center for alignment with other cosmically awake beings, quickly getting the lay of the land of the quantum cosmos and loading up the knowledge that defines this dimension of the cosmic string and finding your place. Just for starters.
Is this stuff new to you? If so, that’s okay. Take what follows as a primer, or even, perhaps, an invitation to join and wake up to the grand drama of all that is. Grab a board! Ride the waves! Why not?
Just outside the veils of the human story lie planes of existence that that are rich with life and evolutionary potency. The entire cosmos, the 3-D material version and the quantum cosmos version, is governed and moved by influences that, once experienced, generate a permanent state of astonishment within the human condition so much that it bursts through the illusions of plain old planet earth, beautiful as it is and filled with undiscovered facts and processes, which over the years has become a tedious, day in and day out experience such that the rising of the sun means just one more day of unconscious habits generating thoughts and behaviors, even if they are grand and compassionate, that always come back to the next day with no resolution to the undercurrents of dissatisfaction that ultimately brings us to death, which is the one truth that reminds us that we are real beings, but which within the density of human illusion becomes a big enemy that needs to be conquered or at least avoided as long as possible. What childishness! 

Envision, if you will, a grand arena of awakened beings moving in and out of a perfectly formed, translucent flower of unimaginable splendor and grandeur, each being with its core invisible room gracefully contained by a quantum light body, bursting with the desire to explore the great beyond, fueled by the ecstatic self-knowing generated by the living love flame, and the boundless knowing that comes from the eternal meditations of the ancient buddhas on the shores of the unknown. Just imagine!

And that the coming and goings of these quantum light beings, real beings doing real things, are guided by a grand being in the vast beyond, which each of the quantum beings knows intimately because each knows that it exists and moves within the divine will of that which attends that knowing. Just imagine! Stop and imagine! 

And imagine still that when the work of these quantum light beings with the “perfectly formed, translucent flower of unimaginable splendor and grandeur” has reached its fullness, with each quantum being fitted perfectly into the grand arena with all the other layers and layers of quantum light beings, freshly liberated from endless rounds of human incarnations, a cosmic event will occur and there will be the leaning in of the grand cosmic being in which we all have lived and died, and it will gaze upon what has been accomplished and if satisfied will reach in and take it up into its magnificent existence and prepare it for the final offering by which it will be lifted into a beyond, the anticipation of which brings to it the kind of trepidation we can never imagine, but which will also bring into those riding with this being into the beyond as the essence of its exposure to this plane of the cosmic string the fullest satisfaction of their many, many lives as mortal human beings 

And you want to go to Mars?!

Your Ticket to Ride, if you wish to visit this flower, is a dramatic shift up in vibration: Click here, don headphones, and surrender to the mad ride. This a real event.