Watching the Sky for Godbeings

Yesterday in Ocean Shores, fliers of grand kites filled the beaches and sent their kites into the skies. Rachel and I were witnesses to these magnificent images. We felt the light winds moving across the shores and holding these great beings high above our heads. Up and down the beach we walked, seeing the day camps tourists had set up for fun and play. Most of these beach camps had kite fliers. Many had just the smallest little birds extended on strings from their hands. They participated. They were part of the whole. 

Of course, my mind is always on the quantum cosmos. Once out of the bag, one can’t put it away. When I first saw the grand view of so many kites riding the waves of air, I immediately was reminded of what it looks like to see godbeings entering earthplanet plane. What a grand vision! I was in both realities at the same time! Such is life in the quantum cosmos!

There are many kinds of godbeings entering earthplanet plane, each with a slightly different seed package given to them by their progenitor godbeing master higher up the line. Godbeings struggle as they enter the “atmosphere” of earthplanet plane, which is comprised of the storm driven fields of thought and emotion of human living, not to mention the dense field of matter and the other elements of this plane of existence. Each of the godbeings has an individual address for their seed packages and are driven through the turbulent field by divine intent. They don’t turn back. 

might be easy to think that pieces of “God” would have no trouble coming into our world. Almighty, all powerful, all knowing. But that’s not how it is. A godbeing in this domain of the quantum cosmos is just a particularized piece of existence. Almost nothing to it, except their quantum identity, the seeds it carries, and the divine intent behind it. There are many waves of godbeings coming down from the higher planes to help us in our confusion and pain. They have been entering for years and have now prepared enough recipients of these seeds that new waves have been launched. To those who have offered themselves as hosts for these grand beings of the cosmos, we, the Ancient Masters, express our gratitude.

If you wish to see a very entertaining representation of what it is like for a godbeing to enter earthplanet plane, watch the movie Gravity. Envision the main character Ryan Stone (Sandra Bullock) as a godbeing struggling against the conditions of godspace and worldspace together. At the end, notice the rebirth scenes. Feel it in the inner heart. Know it in the higher mind. Feel around for the doors in your psyche that show the way out.

The Prayer for Transcendent Peace