Looking Up and Never Looking Back

There is that first grand moment when you look up for the first time and notice what you have never seen before, and you have no words of understanding because, despite the page turning and exploring you have done in your search of the divine, nothing has prepared you for this. Astonishment prevails but not for long because beyond the words and the turning of the mind/spirit to grasp the ungraspable, you move on. Blinded by darkness yields to blinded in the light, for without the handholds of thinking and concepts and the friendships and love and the sweeping view of the universe and even the spaces of apperception of reality between your thoughts, you find your way to the deepest inquiry of which you are capable, and you let it define itself because your knowing is so far beyond the thinking mind that the inquiry, emboldened by something so unknown in its nature that you can only surrender the last veils of your personal and spiritual selves and glare into that infinite core of what is about to proceed and let go!