When Hope Is In Full Bloom

In the very early hours of this morning, I received an invitation from my old time Transcendental Meditation friend Art Cohen to become a member of the Facebook group entitled The Roots of TM. To my delight, but not surprise, I found that I was already a member.
That might seem like a cursory interaction, but it wasn’t. Embedded in this impulse to communicate was an impulse directed to me to sit in TM for another dive into the root of my being. Maharishi always said, “Water the root and enjoy the fruit.” And so it is.
At 5:30 in the morning, I felt a bit groggy and the meditation shawl with which I had wrapped myself for tens of thousands of hours of TM was in tatters and unavailable for this voyage; nevertheless, wrapped in a new blanket, I leaped off into the divine waters and was soon spread out in the many dimensions of transcendental consciousness, which contained “work” I had done as a spirit acutely awake to the grand drama of my existence in this world.
Meditation, of course, is only the initial stage of exploring the root system of transcendent realities, which I have come to call the quantum cosmos. This is not TM language, but no matter; stepping off into the unknown leaves all language behind and requires a fundamental shift in one’s understanding and experience of reality. Maharishi sought to prepare us for that shift by describing higher states of consciousness in great detail, but once the experiences start to take hold, no definitions or flow charts can show the way.

One of the bounties of TM, besides the technique, is the connection with the holy tradition of masters of the Himalayas, who are the conduit of divine intelligence descending into the lower planes for you and me to access. These masters, who are lovingly invoked in the initiation ceremony, fill the meditator with the ancient wisdom that meditation has brought to devotees of the divine for millennia. It is up to the meditator how much he or she wishes to integrate this flow into daily life. What a great spiritual challenge this is!

These masters who access us in our daily lives are just the leading edge of a vast array of ancient beings who are there to awaken aspirants to the “root system” of reality embedded in the infinite silence. When one steps away from the familiar self into the unknown, one is accompanied only by faith in one’s master and love for the hidden lord who is behind all that is. The only way I can describe what this stepping away feels like is to bring up a movie I saw, Ender’s Game, in which the main character, Ender Wiggen, steps out of a one-g gravity situation on a space station into a zero-g environment. He has no handholds and the ways of navigation are entirely different from what he is used to. Nevertheless, he learns. And he is good at it!

There are many lineages of masters who have learned to navigate outside political and religious indoctrinations and constricted beliefs about reality (a zero-g environment) and brought solutions to painful living to those who open channels of light to them. My friend Art has two connections to the divine, one through the great sages and rabbis of the Jewish tradition, and another through the holy tradition of masters of the Himalayas. The great masters who work with me chose Art to communicate to me their intent for this meditation this morning. Why? TM, I expect. Anyway, it matters not because the truth behind all this is that “I love you, Art! And thank you for the waters that flow through you to me. Shalom and Jai Guru Dev!”