What Does God Do All Day?

What Does God Do All Day?

Maybe God is looking for folks like you and me who are turning over every rock in creation looking for the answer, the thing that justifies and makes possible everything we experience. Maybe. It’s hard to separate the person asking these questions from the world in which we walk around asking them. But never mind; it probably doesn’t matter. There are things to do, and it doesn’t matter who God is anyway because, well, there are things I need to do to make this world palatable to my sensitive skin, and one day I am going to die, and if I am lucky a handful of people will weep and remember. Thinking about it doesn’t help.

Then on a good day when the sky is a deep blue and the silence inside cannot find a bottom, something stirs and you  find yourself free of questioning mode, and it’s the thing itself just existing in the nether place, and the thing is stirring and you know that waves arise out of it mysteriously because it doesn’t know that all creation is bursting on the scene making itself more specific, that is, turning itself into you and me, as it goes along just because; and all these dimensions of deity emerge in each questioning condition. This way and that way; never mind; it’s too much. Thinking about it doesn’t help.

So, how about we do this? The infinite universe is just what it is, who cares where it came from, and we let scientists and like-minded souls take on that exploration over limitless numbers of lifetimes diving deep into all those dimensions and dream worlds that precede dense matter, getting excited about new horizons always dawning in this created universe, lorded over by its own deity, to whom you bow down when you make your way into its presence. Good luck to these beings forever. What a mighty gesture arising out of the infinite as its creation! But not for me, now, sitting in an armchair looking out over the lake, which is as good a place as any for the knowing absolute spirit to rise into one of its creatures, no mind what it is doing elsewhere or when, no matter how many galaxies are spinning around out there or living creatures are moving about on their unique journeys; all that arising out of the same absolute spirit that’s nestled itself deep into my heart, come from the boundless within up to the surface, where the chunkiest parts of creation lumber along, and finds me, a chunky mortal creature who has given up forever the turning over of rocks. That’s a lot to keep track of, me thinks.

An Inventory for Accessing the Mysterious Present

I have stood alone for years with what you are about to read. As an inventory, it is not meant to engage your mind in an intellectual colloquy about the nature of reality or what happens after we leave this world. Everything is here and now and meant solely to lead you to the last item.

Every day I am astonished by my personal existence.

I accept that the life I am living can never be fulfilled.

I am ready to drop the veil of earthplanet plane and accept as my Self the illusion-free reality of my godbeing core.

I surrender my life story as an illusion of the veil.

I surrender love as an illusion of the veil.

I ask my divine self to remove the veils that hide the spiritual universe from my vision.

I realize that I and the world of my experience are a module of perception, one among many dream worlds that collectively comprise earthplanet plane.

My module of perception along with all other modules of perception that constitute earthplanet plane are a dream vision rising out of a cosmic lord on another plane of existence.

What questions do you expect to be answered when you pass from this world?

I am ready to step outside of everything I know.

No matter where I stand, I am always here.

I can access my identity as a godbeing traveler of the quantum cosmos.

The stars and planets turn around me by an intent that is not my own; I think and feel and act through the grace of that same intent. 

I have stood alone and awake to the great beyond.

I have felt the searing gaze of infinity penetrate my mind.

I have felt the rapture of the heart’s divine song.

I know that I live and die in one divine breath.

I remember the ancient ones, who created the passageways of travel through which I will move as a liberated soul into the great beyond.

I remember gathering with enlightened souls on the shores of the unknown ready to move out together into the great beyond.

What do you expect to find when you pass from this world?

Are you ready to choose your manner of passage out of earthplanet plane?

Do either of these options for passage into the great beyond feel familiar to you? Eternal life in the absolute spirit, or many lifetimes in a created cosmos of form as it lives and dies in the void of the original nothing?

Does your heart feel bound to the lord of this cosmos?

What did you expect to find when you pass from this world?

Can you feel the deep mystery passing through you right now? 

On a subplane of your planetary field, human spirits are gathering to learn the art of quantum travel. Many have come and are now exploring deep mysteries with the ancient masters through limited voyages out into the beyond and very highly structured incarnations into earthplanet plane. As daunting as quantum travel is to these novice travelers, nothing can abuse them of their intent. Be at peace with this truth. It always is.

The Divine War

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What is the World?

I’m not stupid. You’re not stupid. Yet here we are. It may or may not be calm outside your window, but the world, your world, our world is burning, drowning, being blown apart by the very air we breathe, while deep beneath the surface, on which we have oceans and mountains and valleys and plains and billions of living creatures, the earth is getting angrier, sending people screaming into the streets when it rumbles; and masses of people are abandoning their homelands for new countries that do not want them because insanity has destroyed their governing institutions.

the raw fear of nuclear war is in the air; the melting arctic is becoming a new fortress of military activity with Russians and Americans finding a new theatre of operations for facing off, as they dust up their old antagonisms, while hyper-wound up FBI investigators rip through papers, logs, emails, and digital sinkholes in search of a Russian mole in the highest levels of the American government; the nukes still work; 

and the Chinese are still infiltrating every society in Asia they can insinuate themselves into while on their borders North Korean mad men of their creation threaten holocaust unthinkable, and their rocket scientists are quietly trying to get to the moon for God knows what; and the hyper-greedy global corporate military, black money, drug-dealing, arms-dealing, tax-dodging, industrial complex is trying to take over the world by grabbing all the money in creation; not to mention Google, Apple, and Microsoft at war with each other for digital supremacy, and Facebook and Amazon turning the world into their private Skull Islands, and anarchists and nation states now able to control infrastructures of whole countries while on the side petty digital crooks are stealing people’s identities;

and Moslems and Christians still thinking after centuries that they are God-driven continuing their efforts to take over the world and send the infidels/heathens to hell; and the newly arrived Mormons with their global efforts toward empire extending their fervor into the afterlife, and every group of street corner worshippers applying for a 501 (3) c to convince the American government that they shouldn’t have to pay taxes because they are good guys plowing the field for God; excluding the Jews, of course, who just want their little plot of land and if anybody big enough tries to take it away, well, they’ve got their nukes, too; and chunks of insane people rioting in the streets claiming their rights to hate are being violated by do-gooders.  

But here’s the real problem as I see it, and wow! does it make me angry to confess it: everything that exists is spirit, God, the absolute, the divine, whatever you want to call it; and that spirit is at work in every nook and cranny of this human insanity; including a psychotic mowing down first graders in their classroom, religious zealots blowing up nightclubs, busses, buildings, themselves, and whatever else their mad minds can conceive. It’s all God. Don’t you see?

Forty-four years ago, I started the deep, deep meditation that rolled out of the Himalayas to save us from all this shit. About twenty years into that effort, I realized I was trying to commit spiritual suicide, to get away, abandon ship, leave the asylum to the inmates, and when the practice bottomed out in the ocean, and left me floating around on a tiny raft of my stuff, I could see things, understand things;

nevertheless, that tiny raft reeks of illusion, and the ultimate truth is (lean over now, it’s coming) is that it’s that damn raft; it’s your raft and my raft that’s the problem; now the reality of rafts, large or small, is that we stand on them with a club defending ourselves against awakening to the divine spirit, against a heart that cries to open and celebrate its existence, (how terrible can it be to abandon the raft and rise up as a glorious wave of that ocean?), and we wield our clubs just like we did when we defended ourselves against saber-tooth tigers during the day; the club has worked for thousands of years when we believed that the world was a dangerous place, before enlightened beings crisscrossed the lands telling us that the world is an illusion created by God and that we should quit fighting it; we should put down our clubs. 

But that’s not it, is it? I mean just putting down the clubs. I’ve been around the block a few times and have cinched around my widening girth a belt with a few enlightenment-style notches etched into it, and you know, even with all of that, I can still feel that club sticking out of my back pocket, which has a few notches of its own and is just itching to be used again; and the world is not the illusion, the world is real; it’s us that’s the illusion; you and me and the club standing on our individual rafts, floating on the ocean of being ready to make war on anything that comes our way; damn! Tell me you and your raft don’t stink as much as all the rafts where their riders are, as you read, swinging their clubs with “fire and fury.”

So, when I make recordings that reek of the raft, I get it. These latest few are good, but not the same as the wild efforts generated before the high energy light being that kept me wound up for months abandoned my raft, leaving me with more mental energies than I was working with before, which are fine for playing around; they have good, sound points of view floating through, but what help can mental driftwood offer to mad humanity flailing about on their reeking rafts? A few years ago, when I was on a stroll outside of earthplanet plane, I was cavorting with a couple of overworld dudes, and we shook our heads in amazement when we peeked into the porthole of earthplanet insanities. Our mutual conclusion was a shrug: “Well, that’s what they do on this planet.” 

So, to the handful of listeners who take in each broadcast and read every piece like this, these next ones are for you, for as long as I can convince myself that there is value in the effort beyond the vanity of a like or two on FB, and here’s hoping your rafts go over the falls soon and you fly free. As for the world, it’s all God and his divine war, including the reeking rafts and this second glass of wine I am raising high in the air to salute you.

Who Am I Without God?

Who Am I Without God? Podcast Episode 002

Where ever do I look, when the infinite self which I have suddenly become ponders the loneliness, even though days and weeks and years have passed since I knew my personal life was over. Through the books, the mantras, the prayers, the grand words and searing beauty of images and stories and rhythms that are all about that and where to find it, a fierce longing endures. Infinite being that I am, I still need that act of longing, even if it is only a gesture, a nod of the head, a movement in the eye from that being that knows, that personhood that peers out of the infinite as someone that is not the impersonal, cold absolute. There cannot be unbounded life without it! I cannot crawl out of the ocean onto land without that something that will make infinity plausible as a landscape for living. Where to go without that? Who to be?

Humanity's Long Goodbye Podcast 001

Episode 001 Humanity's Long Goodbye

You can't help but want to bow down when you look up from the normal drudgery of human existence and exclaim, "I want to know!" What to do when the passion grabs you, when the shakti roars through the mind's confusions and fears and opens up to grand thoroughfares of cosmic beings on the same journey exploring the infinite conditions of existence. And your humanity? Humanity has never been more valuable to itself when you look up from your mortal eyes and see with the eyes of the absolute spirit.

But humanity has a decision to make. Are we dealing with the unknowns of life by turning ourselves into biotic androids for our seeing; or are we waking up to grand drama of existence through the power of spirit to inquire into its reality as you? Perhaps they are not mutually exclusive now, but there will come a point when certain opportunities will be lost. At this moment, however, now is what we have. The infinity of now or the prolonged struggle in the world of mental machinations to push death off farther into the future? Who wants to know? What do you see?

Never Mind the Infinite Universe

What to say when contemplating one trillion galaxies in the universe, or for that matter, infinite after infinite numbers of atoms, and another infinitude of subatomic particles rushed into existence with an atom smasher? Easy to say that God created all this: just read the books and say the prayers; and easy to say that nobody created it when you’ve got mounds of equations digitalized on a screen laying out the unsanctified history of the entire universe and how smart you are. But never mind what the scientists say or what the priests say or what my mother and father used to say, or my best friend in high school ruminating after he swiped my girlfriend, or the local Baptist minister proclaiming by rote in front of the bored masses who pay him to say it, or my grandfather when he sat upon the judge’s bench in a small Virginia town and gaveled down justice to the powerless; but of all things this!: knees to ground, heart surrendered utterly unto perdition, mind crying out with joy and grief: “How could I have known?”, before rising and walking on with the only certitude that matters in all that infinite stuff.