What You Always Know

how can you ever explain what this is?
you wander through your personal world
pointing here and there 
thinking this or that
pulling in this bromide and that
from the stale books of wisdom and truth that litter a useless mind;

but still you can only pull back from the world you knew,
the people you depended upon for support,
the people you depended upon for guidance, 
the people you depended upon for love; 

you look out onto the infinite landscape;
no world at all
just the unknown and you;
you were never told it would be like this; 
who was there to tell you;

yet somehow you know what it is; 
you have been here before;
ancient memories become new truth;
one step innocently leads to the next
and the next


Time will speed up again beginning June 21st when the Ring Pass Not around the Earth that keeps Human consciousness from polluting the rest of the Universe will be tightened.  We currently have a 10 hour day, even though our clocks, watches and phones still, and will, show 24 hours.  Our bodies will know the difference.  The reason the clocks, watches and phones will still show 24 hours is because the molecules in everything will speed up at the same time.   It is imperative that we learn to manage our time and prioritize how we spend our time.  Spending excessive time watching television and doing things to avoid having conscious thoughts will begin to harm us even more than usual.  It is time to admit we are Spirits having a Human experience and to take better care of our bodies, minds and memories.        

The more we avoid the reality of the changes that are happening to the Earth and to our bodies and pretend we can still waste time, we will experience more disease and depression.  It is time for us to remain constantly conscious of what is going on within us and  around  us,  to  be  really  aware  of  what  we   are thinking and the words coming out of our mouths.  We are constantly creating with our thoughts, emotions and actions.  To create unconsciously and to accept what we are told by the media and the government is a recipe for disaster.   We have a responsibility to remain conscious and to focus only on what we desire instead of how what is in front of us looks.  We change reality by what we think and the images we project.