Part One: Glory of the Risen Sun

Day of Election in New America

To be sung in the spirit,

felt in the heart,

and imagined as new human beings

dancing in a sun-flushed mind.

Our scene is New America hundreds of years into the future in the New Timeline. The characters are our descendants, thousands of generations into the unknown, and we are their progenitors beginning to emerge from the jungles of animal existence, helping those still struggling with the light of spiritual existence. I am writing as a time traveler of the ninth dimension, serving humanity as a member of the Galactic Forum, a body of advanced beings from across the galaxy who answer specifically to the Galactic Mind. Our mission is to prime certain spirits within the diminished time zones of emerging planetary consciousness in preparation for private missions of discovery for later in their evolution. Anyone who reads this material will be traveling into the future, probing a different kind of existence, preparing to be probed in return. A single question for the reader: Does this feel real to you or no?

Part I: Glory of the Risen Sun

Awake, my beloved son, awake, awake! The sun has risen and our neighbors are already dancing in the streets, and your bluebirds have arrived for your morning lesson. The backyard is filled with their music as they joyously await your presence. Awake, my beloved! Come back to the world and be my son for another day.

Oh sweet mother, let me hug you again, the first of many this day, I foresee. Yes, I hear the bluebirds, and, oh, let me look outside at our friends. The day has really come, hasn’t it my darling mother. Just like you promised. Hello, Dave, Samantha, I will be there after I greet my mother with bounteous love and sing with the bluebirds and nourish my body with fan.

And mother, most beautiful mother, you also promised that father would return from his deep meditation to be with us this day, and I know you are right, but how does he know how to come back on this exact day? He has been deep inside for weeks, away from the world and our home. How does he know?

My darling boy, you know why. Your father is a master of time. He is away working for us so that time will flow smoothly for all in the land, our land, New America, especially for this day. Now be alert to your body! Fan is on the kitchen table, a new flavor of creation everyday to give the body the joy of new beginnings and undying youth. Go now, the birds are exquisitely patient with your anticipation of this day, and I am sure your father will be back with us by the time your new song is fully sung into your heart. Go now!

Yes, sweet mother, away into a new day. I am the dawn and you are the glory of the risen sun!

Our beautiful son scarcely knows that his feet rarely touch ground, my dearest wife. So young, but he always flies true. And you are his mother.

Oh dear and glorious husband, you are his true and humble father. Let me wrap myself around you, whole body and soul! I can scarcely live when you are away, although I can feel your being deep inside of me as a living unknown surging deep and true. Unfathomable love is present when we embrace. Just the touch of your hand sends waves of ecstasy into my whole being. Sing with me, my love! Sing with me! Let the joy of your return spread throughout the land, let the neighbors know that their world again is secure with hope and wonder for living bountiful days under the golden sun and the deep night sky. Tell me, my deepest love, how many worlds did you visit this time, how many new songs have you brought back to us for this day? Tell me, my love, never stop telling me who you are and what the world is! If I die this moment, I will be the happiest woman who ever lived.

Oh, angel of my heart, let me kiss your feet! I have experienced nothing in weeks away that can compare to this moment of being in your arms, of hearing your heart sing, of being alive in this house with our son and his choir of bluebirds, in this land, our land, New America, awaiting the great expansion that is to come this day with knowing who we are within the turning of the galactic wheel, to know what path we have chosen for our ascension bliss. No, no, do not lift me up! I must kiss your feet until my tears of joy are fully shed, and my heart surrenders every other allegiance that this moment seeks to claim.

My beloved husband, I feel the golden love of your heart course throughout my body even as I look up and see that our darling boy has finished learning his new song. I hear his voice and the excitement of the birds that our son has learned his new song so swiftly. Our hearts must open now past each other to bring him in and with him the whole world. The shouts and laughter from the streets will draw him away, but he will want to greet you with the infinite love that sons feel for their fathers. Up, my gorgeous man, here he is!

Oh father! Oh my father! More glorious than the sun, grander than all the stars, source of all hope and joy and the promise of ever more happiness as day and night dance with each other, you are home, back from great wandering into the depths of eternal being. I have missed you, even in the embrace of my most beloved mother’s arms and the unbounded joy in her heart, I have missed the infinite depths of your being standing in this room, laughing with the stories of daily living, ours and our friends, across this land and other lands where joy dances unabated under the unbounded sky. How much more joy can a heart take?

Oh father, the birds today taught me to sing the gratitude of your return, to peer into the wellsprings of life where all things team with readiness to burst into existence. And here you are right now! It’s true! It’s all true! What is next for us, my father, master of time? Will the day be true to all that you have said? Oh, but that will come. Hold my body, dear father, tight and sure. I am your son! Let me be who you are!

The day has come, my beloved son! Just as your mother and I promised you. Secrets will be revealed. More happiness will flow through the streets and across the yards of our homes, and inside all of those homes new desires and new ideas will inspire new adventures in the mysterious lands of the spirit. Your mother and I created you after the last election day and today you will see why. This is your first election. After today you will feel inside everyone the urgent need for more young explorers of spirit to emerge from mothers’ love-filled wombs, emboldened for life ever ascending by the dark roar of the infinite being of the untamed father. This is life my beloved son. This is how we all come to be. This is who we all are.

But now through the open windows, riding the breezes of the happiness of your young friends’ voices, I hear the sounds of your name. They, too, have learned their songs for this election day and want to sing with you. So, go now. Sing and dance. Greater truths are on their way. Remember to be in the Hall of the Whispering Pines by noon. The sun tolerates no tardiness and you will not want to miss a single wave of the new joy. Peace and happiness are bedfellows of the spirit, my son! Go! Greet the new day, our election day!       [end of Part I]

My Election Night

Since the American presidential election of 2016, there has been a new presence on the planet. Everybody can feel it even if there will be different interpretations of what it is. What we can all agree upon, however, is that world is unsettled. People turn to each other looking for normalcy as if nothing has changed, but we all know something has. What to do? Life goes on but there is now a huge question mark in everybody’s psyche as to what the future might become. The results of the election did not cause this deeply churning consternation. They are, instead, an indicator of a planetary transformation originating at its spiritual core. The human race has chosen to wake up whatever the cost.

What I experienced while watching the election results was a like a bubble popping. Suddenly I was dizzy and remain so to this day. News personalities from both ends of the political spectrum were acting strangely. One commentator whom I have always respected was suddenly and uncharacteristically dumbfounded. He just looked up and said he didn’t understand what was happening.

That night I could not walk across the room without holding onto something solid. With lights out I tried to sleep but my mind was on fire. I felt like I had shifted into another dimension of reality. Before dawn I concluded that earthplanet, its entire physical and subtle sub-structures, had shifted into a new timeline. This was an astonishing conclusion to reach, but that conclusion is now rooted in my mind as a mental construct that will enable me to integrate the staggering changes we are about to face. This blog is my interpretation of those changes as I experience them.

What New Thought to Die For

I spent some of this weekend with my young, military, Fox News, round the bend patriotic cousin. It was our first time together since the election so there was a lot to catch up on. Now I have been a democrat since my mother told me at age twelve that the democrats look after the little guy. That appraisal of the democratic party sounds noble enough to this day to buy into, but I am sure it stuck because she was my mother. Part of our time together was spent viewing a damning film on the democrats and Hillary Clinton. It was eye-opening in many areas and dripping with venom but conceptually not nearly as over the top and out to the moon as David Icke, my guru for all things conspiratorial, including alien lizards controlling our minds, and moon bases broadcasting submission programming to us everyday. What David Icke has done for me is to free me from virtually all political narratives, left and right, enabling me to see through all media versions of the national dance. It’s not all lies to me because he says so. It’s all lies because I can see it! Some how reading his books transmits a frequency of consciousness that’s like cleaning out the mind in regard to all public propaganda. Thanks, David. I’ll keep the alien lizards in reserve, but I get it.

So, the great thing about the lively dialogue with my cousin was that we suspended our usual serious diatribes in favor of great fun, much laughter, and willingness to crawl out from our stuck points of view. He even let me go on about David Icke and promised he would read one of his books. What we were experiencing was that in the new age of Trump, all things are possible because there are no frames of reference that haven’t been compromised, and no one can explain what is going on. Like the man said at one rally a couple of days ago, “Don’t anticipate what is going to happen. The script hasn’t been written. And you are in charge.” Okay!” I said. “Bring it on!” My attitude for a long time.

At the heat of our discussion, when ideas, accusations, and visions of improbable futures were flying around the room, I put up my arms and shouted, “Stop! Here’s the deal. Good and true things to believe are going to be in short supply for a long time,” I said, “so instead of grabbing a hold of this or that piece of political propaganda, knowing its all shit, we should just ask ourselves what beliefs would we want to have as our last stance on earth? Might as well find them now.  Know what it is and protect it. There’s nothing out there you can lean on for truth, justice, much less the American way.” Of course, there was God, Jesus, and the afterlife, but having only a short time together, that was as far as we got. Nevertheless, what a splendid time we had. I have never felt closer to him.

But for me and readers of this blog, there’s more. My cousin laughed at the idea of the New Timeline after I read him a few entries from my blog. Which is probably  a lot harder to take than alien ETs controlling human affairs. I get it, and that’s okay. Right now for me, though, just about anything can rise to the level of “Why not!” A new timeline was my vision of the new reality, but it was too much for him. Nevertheless, somewhere in the back and forth, in a moment that came and went with little fanfare, I said, “The only real way to deal with this is to come into that undefined core of who we are and live our lives from there.”

How to do that, of course, is the catch. I have my way of moving into the slipstream of a real life, others will find theirs. My point to readers here isn’t so different from what I offered to my cousin; the only thing I want to emphasize here is the urgency. Now really means now! There aren’t enough news channels on the TV, or pages in a newspaper, or leafs in a book of scriptures that will bring you home to one, real, reliable point of view, the place of no confusion, the place where you are the real you.

From a commentary in the Fire of Life Oracle, Prayer 11:

All of your aspirations are part of the human condition, but they cannot be fulfilled within human life. No matter what you have done to address your longings, you remain unresolved within your existential core. In accepting this uncertainty within your being, you become capable of intimacy with spirit. The depth of the number eleven prayer is uncontainable within human knowing; nevertheless, encapsulated within its language is a seed of possible revelation once genuine intimacy opens inside you.

Deep Knowing Through Contact with the Quantum Cosmos

My contribution to the world's transformation is the websites I have created and the inner work I do on other planes within networks of other beings who hold the Earth on course. Nothing more to say about them. The websites, however, are a different story. They exist for anybody who wishes to take advantage of their power to stabilize and transform human awareness from deep within the shrouds of human thinking and projecting one's personal consciousness directly into the unbounded field of pure being, which I call godspace and the quantum cosmos. While working with this material, one goes outside the mind and gradually layers into the personal consciousness the transcendent reality, which the personal story obscures. Back and forth. That’s what they do. Working with these sites will develop profound levels of “deep knowing.” All of these sites are alive.

The Fire of Life Oracle
Personal questions addressed to the Oracle are doorways through which you are projected out of your personal existence into godspace, where you are a real being, not the story being of your personal life. Godspace is where real events occur. The purpose of these excursions is to turn you into a real being doing real things. What are real things? The Oracle will tell you if you really want to know. Instructions for use are on the site. The link is to the left of this column. In the New Timeline, your godbeing presence will bring a profound stabilizing influence to the world as it unwinds into its new reality. Remember, intellectual understanding is helpful but not necessary.

Godspace, Godbeings, and the Quantum Cosmos
The material on this site is drawn from commentaries to the Fire of Life Oracle Prayers. They are for exploration when one is drawn to the energy but wishes to explore themes more broadly than what is offered in a single prayer. Read the Invocations for Entering Godspace several times to open the door. The link is in the left column at the top.

Call to the Galactic Mind
This site directs one’s consciousness outside of earthplanet plane into the greater cosmos, which for us means the cosmic plane of the Galactic Mind. Earthplanet plane exists as a sub-plane of that magnificent being, whose reality is the source of everything we know as real. Through working with this site you come to the original intent of all things possible within earthplanet plane and way beyond our single planetary existence. This site must be engaged wholly in order to grasp its significance. Reading this and that will yield very little connection to the galactic field. Regular exposure to it will put your personal existence into a new perspective and is ideal for supporting forward movement into the New Timeline.

Krishna and the Self-Existent Glory
The experiences on this site take place exclusively under the purview of the Galactic Mind. It’s about being in the presence. In order to gain any benefit from it, however, one would have to have spent much quality time with the other sites creating the vibratory keys that will resonate in the galactic field. Although I have hundreds of pages of written material, the actual download for the site has not begun. Soon. I am sure. My bones are shaking with anticipation. The message here is “Get ready!”

Deep Knowing and the Bonds of Distant Earth

It’s 4:45 in the morning. I have just returned from a profound meditation and have brought back with me another wave of deep knowing, a condition I have cultivated over the years that is not of the mind, the world, or the universe, but it is more completely who I am than the chaotic, disturbing condition that collectively amounts to the madness human beings experience as normal life.

Madness is a loss of contact with the original state of being out of which everything emerges, continuously, and which contains the full matrix for the entirety of existence, which has the who, what, when, where, and energy(forget about why) of everything through multi-dimensions of space and time, cosmos after cosmos. You get the picture. Humanity as a whole and you and me particularly are expressions of and connected to the full matrix of everything that exists. We are built into the whole picture. It is the failure consciously to connect with the ground state of existence, which is all of the cosmos as one thing and more, that threatens to destroy us. Sooner or later but inevitably, unless enough of us establish that contact, humanity will self-destruct. Right now being a human being is like walking in a dark room with a tiny flashlight whose batteries are giving out while walls collapse, floors buckles, and roofs fall in. Now imagine why we might want to travel to Mars.

There are lessons to be learned in wanting to travel to Mars. Many think we will need another planet to retreat to after we have destroyed the Earth, either through violence against each other, violence against the physical planet through poisoning the environment, or violence from a meteor or comet impacting the Earth and causing an extinction level event. The more aware we become of these things, the more imminent this destruction seems.

One of the biggest risks in traveling to Mars for whatever reason is the degradation of the body when exposed to deep space during the six to seven months of weightless travel, including bone loss, accumulation of water in the brain, exposure to cosmic radiation, and the random particle of matter traveling at thousands of miles an hour that can destroy a ship in an unpredictable instant, not to mention surviving on a planet under conditions meant for Martians, whenever they may have been in the past or might be in the future. Human beings existing successfully in purely Martian conditions is a very big unknown and cannot be defined exclusively by the parameters of organic or technological physical systems. Can human beings live for an extended period of time away from the energetic definitions of Earth? Not an idol question.

Social cohesion within a small group of travelers can be practiced on Earth, but we have no idea what a human being will experience when contemplating reality millions of miles distant from the home planet. The farthest human consciousness has traveled from Earth is 240 thousand miles, the distance from here to the moon. Can you imagine looking in the direction of planet Earth from 10 million miles away long after it has winked out into infinite blackness? A handful of ultra tiny particles of conscious matter traveling through the blackness of an infinite universe conjures up another angle on human madness. I had a taste of that experience a few years ago in the vast emptiness of Western Tibet watching a dog belonging to no one sitting by itself in the middle of nowhere staring into the distance.  A pat on the head wouldn’t do it.

Nevertheless, humanity has committed to undertaking this journey carrying the home planet madness with it. Successful colonization of Mars, however, might require a restructuring of the human matrix, DNA plus other substructures of matter yet to be discovered by science, and it might take many inexplicable failures before scientists and engineers learn to operate out of deep knowing and turn to meditative technologies for transforming the non-material component of the human matrix, its mental and emotional “wiring,” into something which will allow humanity to recreate itself into a race capable of traveling great distances into space and of loving each other at home. Why not? Follow the yellow brick road.

One afternoon a few years ago, I was having lunch with a friend. She was discussing the troubles her daughter was having as a single mother abandoned by the father of her child. Never having been a parent and never having had regrets about not having children, I could only empathize so much. At some point while she was speaking, a vast, silent space opened up from behind my mind and I found myself listening to this conversation from a perspective that allowed me to know and observe things from outside earthplanet plane. I knew with deep knowing that my friend might as well have been a mother bear clutching her cub. This would never do. Human beings were still thrashing around in the jungles of human animal existence and there was no refuge for them from that bondage as long as primitive emotions ruled the day.

From where I was witnessing this conversation, it was clear that the family unit and its emotional resistance to change was evolutionary baggage, and that the consciousness of each human individual in mediated or unmediated contact with a core quantum of undefined being was the condition upon which human survival would be built. From that mode of existence all things are experientially possible in the universe, including survival of the Earth, travel to the planets and stars, love and joy at home, not to mention unimaginable movements through the highways and byways of inner space that involve taking on many forms and identities with which to explore off planet planes of existence. I gleaned all of that in a few seconds while my friend wiped away tears arising from speaking of the travails of her daughter. It was all in the tears.

As the New Timeline rushes in and overtakes the conditions of the old, humanity will cease to be defined by the family unit and the sexual identities that have been the root of human selfhood since our progenitors dropped from the trees and started walking on land. This change has been underway for a long time. We all know it. Traveling to Mars will be a great adventure to watch as it unfolds, but engaging the inner landscape and transforming the mode by which we exist as a self so that we can know the universe as a manifestation of that self will be the only chance humanity has to survive, whether on Earth or on Mars, and until we rise to the level of that supreme achievement, humanity will have made no contribution to the glory of the cosmos.

Of What Just Might Be the Whole Damn Thing

One day as I was sitting in the waiting room of Rachel’s dentist in faraway Olympia, and while she was receiving treatment for a troublesome tooth and the clock was spinning extra slowly, I tapped cards on my ipad screen, tap, tap, maneuvering the shapes and numbers toward yet another win, and there! I win again! and the cards started dancing around on the screen on the way to becoming another game, and while I watched the new game taking shape that day with my finger poised motionless in the air waiting for the first tap,

I felt something happening in my mind that I couldn’t see but which I knew was there because it felt like something, specifically like a little slit slowly and quietly becoming more until my expectation for the next game on my ipad screen had turned into anticipation of how big that slit might become and what might possibly emerge out of it when I felt my whole mind put a finger to itself and whisper, “Shhh! It’s a secret!”

Which didn’t help, of course, because the whole damn world is a secret, and, well, my whole mind is made of secret places and spaces, forgotten things, dangerous things, waiting to burst out anytime and, never mind, and why should this little secret thing announcing itself in my mind be anything special except that it was something special because it felt like a big deal, that it was THE secret, the one that nobody knows about except by special invitation, and it was on its way,

and which under the normal circumstances of sitting in a dentist’s office, which couldn’t be any more normal a thing than anything else one might experience, like watching a car drive by, but here it was, something special and unknown growing larger and the ipad game long gone into oblivion as anticipation turned into reality and something began to emerge from that unknown place separated from me only by this tiny slit getting larger and then a slight bulge around its edges ginning up the anticipation,

and there the something was, which first revealed itself as a flash of yellow, just that, before entering more fully into my mind as a particular thing that was so normal I might have thought that the whole thing a joke except that it was happening right now in this most peculiar way, and I was suddenly smiling as the mysterious thing became a golden flower, right there in the emptiness of my mind with a secret to impart in the office of Rachel’s dentist, in Olympia, Washington, planet Earth, 93 million miles from the sun, in the Virgo band of the Milky Way, in the Virgo supercluster of what just might be the whole damn thing.

Upon Being Something but Not That

What is this thing, the essential core, the root thing, the original thing, the what! without an answer, what it feels like to touch it and think that it is something, it’s in there somewhere, under my clothes, beneath my flesh, beating inside my heart, deeper than where I can’t take anything more off to find it, ticking, that’s what it’s doing, ticking until I find it, and I really want to find it, before it all happens without me, like when the Zen frog went plop! in the water and I forgot who I was long enough to not notice?

A Note From the Far Frontier

I don’t know what I would have done without that first breakthrough. Died an ignorant mass of used up flesh a few decades later, accomplished or unaccomplished in the world, unillumined, dead of the dark stories that passed for reality? Na├»ve in those early years, as are all human beings struggling against the collective psychosis, I thought the world being shown to me in school, books, the TV news and the papers, in movies, in the lives of my parents and friends—“Wow!” I thought that was the real world. 

In the summer of 1970, I made a hitchhiking excursion through Europe with my German girlfriend, starting in West Berlin, where she lived and went to university, and ending there two months later after passing though Switzerland, Austria, Bulgaria, Italy, Greece, Yugoslavia, and Turkey. The most important experience I had in this long, tension-filled trip into the consciousness of western civilization, including escaping brigands attempting to murder us in a ninety miles per hour car chase at night through the mountains of Yugoslavia, came at the end. My girl friend was in her apartment preparing food while I stood on the Kurfurstendam in the light-filled hustle and bustle of the new Berlin, the one on our side of the wall, looking for illicit products with which to extend the evening into the secret folds of personal consciousness.

I was standing with two raw, inchoate men, both over six feet tall with long tangled hair, beards flowing over coats that looked a thousand years old, wind-burnt faces, and a far away look, who in the time we spent together that night probably accepted me because I was nobody and could never understand where they were coming from. They told me of having just returned from Kabul, Afghanistan, walking most of the way, long before it became civilized by war and global attention, where they smoked hashish in back allies with tribesmen who might as well have come from Mars as the hills surrounding the city and waking up in the dusty streets while the life of the city walked around them as if they didn’t exist. There I was with these raw, life-scorched beings on a corner in cold war but civilized West Berlin, in my coat new and bought for this trip. The last night before going home.

The whole thing felt like slow motion. I watched one of these phantoms negotiating with a man who seemed to appear out of nowhere from the crowds that filled the massive sidewalks, which supported cafes, food stands, magazine stands, spies, secret police, Nazis ready to rise again, and other people hidden in the folds of the night depending upon anonymity to keep them safe, then turning slowly as if a hidden hand were directing events and asking the other phantom about psychedelics, which I had not yet experienced. After making inane and meaningless comments to imply I knew something, I finally asked how long after taking acid might one expect to come back. I could tell that this question got his attention because the slow motion stopped. Everything stopped. Suddenly I was somebody come alive in the ancient and self-searching night that supported such an inquiry as this. He looked directly at me for the first time, his large head tilted down, the brim of his hat hovering over his eyes, which were darker than a black hole and which made the sound of his voice feel like God scraping the inside of my bones. I had asked a real question. “You never come back,” he said.

In the spring of the following year, I, the neurotic child of alcoholic military parents and probably suffering from the effects of my mother’s drinking while pregnant with me and her suicide attempt following my brother’s birth eighteen months later, presaging his insanity and suicide before he turned forty, and her yearlong stint in a mental hospital after his birth, and them living only a few miles down the road from my first apartment and job, and I accepting the darkness of my mind as the norm and who I was, received an invitation of a friend to trip with him that weekend. Suddenly I was back in Berlin, a minute before midnight in my life, on Ku-dam with the veterans of the hippie far frontier, remembering the remark that became prescient and made me pause deeply before saying, “Yes.”

And so it was. I am still on that first journey, which started out that Saturday morning  in my apartment and then moved later in the afternoon to the hillside in the forest where an irresistible force stripped the veils off the whole damn story of my existence and everything became suddenly real, all other less fruitful drug trips and later life experiences, including future decades of meditation, prayer, ceremony, chanting, exploring ashrams, trekking in the Himalayas, and risking psychosis for unchaperoned cosmic excursions, searching for what was already there, all of this and everything else bursting out of that single, absolute revelation of my life as a real life, as life itself.

There is no return from the direct perception of reality, from apprehending the truth behind the veil that is strangling the world to death. The “I exist!” of  everything, the banishing of all fear, the fulfillment of all longing at the root of it all, and the end to the barbaric consciousness that the world calls normal and which blood families cling to as the substance of their union. And the absolute bliss! The ground state absolute bliss! The original thing blissful, not dark, not evil, not wrapped in fear—but blissful! And the suddenness of it being all one thing! Then is still now. Forever now. Yes, I am still on that trip. Hit Enter. Turn the page.

The New Timeline is about every human being becoming available to ultimate truth, which will eventually become the goal of all of human  dreaming, living, and dying, the justification for all the pain and struggle, the wars over God and who has the truth and who are the wicked thieves in the night who will take us to hell. The New Timeline will put an end to all that, but we have to want it. That’s our part to make it happen. The outcome is not fixed. The script has not been written. Nothing is decided. It’s all us and what we do with the stories we live out of, no matter the levels of joy and pain they contain.

As the past dissolves, as memories no longer define who we are and what the future should look like, we must take a stand by making  realizations of ultimate things be the single defining desire, which saturates personal lives with the longing that yields only to the direct apprehension of reality. That's my job, to make you want it deep down, to understand what "winner take all" means. The real thing for me, you say, or go down with the ship! This is the measure of the New Timeline. It’s coming. The bending of time will sound like huge winds uprooting secrets, hidden agendas, and the plots that rule the world, exposing the darkest deeds of the darkest souls, as well as yours and mine. Keep a lookout! The perspective of the ultimate reality is the one safe refuge as the uprooted illusions of the old timeline catch fire and burn.

A Declaration to Awake in the New Timeline

The New Timeline is upon us. Nothing can be done to change our destiny. The outcome for humanity is still in doubt: how much suffering will precede the awaking? what teachings and philosophies will rise and fall? how deep into reality will the collective consciousness go? Much depends upon those who will lead the way by declaring their intent to wake up.

There will be many kinds of awakenings: awakenings to the dark forces that rule humanity from within the deepest backrooms and from there vanquishing the foe and establishing new institutions of light beings who will craft new understandings of humanity and its place in the cosmos; awakenings into the depths of the human heart and establishing landscapes for exploring the divine intent; awakening to higher mind and multi-dimensional realities; awakenings to the powers of pure creation, both material and spiritual; awakening to godspace, godbeings and the quantum cosmos, and many more kinds of awakenings yet to be experienced.

It is still very early in the process of transformation, and the dissolution of the past has scarcely been felt; yet it is wise to be alert to changes in all three elements of human perception:

1) One’s personal life situation, inner and outer, will endure unsettling challenges as  fear and repression from one’s unconscious burst into the day to day purpose and structure of living. At the same time, blinding illuminations from higher dimensions will restructure minds and hearts. The finest delights of joy and hope may follow the rage that comes from debilitating aloneness and acts of betrayal. Within the deepest silence of meditative stillness awakening minds will prepare for shattering realizations of cosmic import.

2) The media, which unwittingly project false interpretations of reality into the collective thinking, are structured by the same illusions they transmit, and are interwoven with the lies that protect their corporate masters and prevent the world from seeing the darkest powers that govern their lives. The awakening human consciousness will watch these institutions unravel as their secret agendas burst into the open. The stories of reality which they tell will be compromised.

3) All the major institutions of the world will have their dark agendas exposed. These institutions control our life experience and the interpretations of reality we live by. They  include:

-- international banks, transnational corporations, and ancient cults;

--nation states, their military, their banks, their corporate entities, press, political factions, schools, and black hole secrets;

--public religious institutions that assuage the fear and guilt of the panicked masses but in the end protect the lies that enslave them to the dark masters of the hidden temples;

--secret societies that accrue psychic powers through hideous rituals and then infiltrate the organs of state in order to manipulate them;

-behind-the-curtain political think tanks and religious militancy schools, each fomenting powerful agendas for world domination;

--the educational institutions that rob children of their innocence while molding them into predictable members of the corporate state, indoctrinated to lie and to die for those masters, whom they were never to know ever existed.

All of these institutions create, control, and defend the illusions that rule the world and bind human consciousness into the minutest fraction of its potential. We will see changes in the world as the shadows inside these institutions start to move. What we are experiencing as reality is a massive crime against humanity. In the New Timeline, there will be no place to hide. In the New Timeline, all will be revealed and gladly forgiven. In the New Timeline all will be forgotten.

Each of these elements of human experience, which are the structure of every act of perception, extent into the unbounded depths of their undefined source, while at the same time each is connected to the singular whole of human consciousness. These elements are who we are. Consciousness is structured that way, and it is consciousness that is changing. That’s the only way the world can be saved. Are you on board? is your consciousness available for dramatic transformation?

Asking the Right Questions in the New Timeline

Back in the early 70s, when every other weekend meant, as Jimmy Hendricks’ put it, being “experienced,” some friends and I went to the Exploratorium in San Francisco for an afternoon’s delight. Just inside the door was a large Christmas tree wrapped in lights, which were flashing on and off. Leaning against the bottom of the tree was a sign that said, “For those who know.”

Last week the President-elect visited Washington in order to meet with the President and members of Congress. Afterwards he got on his plane and went back to New York without informing the group of press who follow him. A few nights ago, the President-elect’s press representative told those same press people he was retiring for the night. Not long after that, however, he changed his mind and went out to a restaurant without informing the press, who were very angry as they headed out into the streets in disarray looking for him. On a newscast the next day, an irate anchor declared, “Somebody is going to have to explain to him this is not how it works!” At the foot of my perceptual field, I placed a sign that said, “For those who don’t know.”

“What do I really know to be true?” will be the primary inquiry for the New Timeline. Facing it will be unavoidable. Confusion, such as the press has been transmitting into the world now for months, will continue to rise like mist from a swamp permeating every human being and institution around the globe, depriving the entire population of beliefs and stories that have been fed to them for centuries and which institutions depend upon for maintaining for their power and existence. The media in all of its forms, which include schools, churches, and laboratories, as well as electronic and print media, and which continue to multiply out of control as if under a sorcerer’s spell, are the tellers of these stories and beliefs, which not only pass without question from one generation to another but become so urgently held that only a dramatic breach of the total matrix of human thought can awaken humanity from its spell.

The unraveling of the media is necessary for our awakening. Nobody will give up their cherished reality stories without being pushed against the wall, and only those who face up to the truth of what has been happening to them and fiercely ask the right questions, will find clear passage into the fullness and freedom that the New Timeline brings with it. What violence will we use to fight back with once the security of our ignorance has disappeared? Who will come roaring out of the dark caves of the human psyche to resist? Want to know? Look around, then multiply it by ten or a hundred fold. It’s one thing to have one’s life, one’s wealth, and one’s family threatened, but when one’s interpretation of reality, one’s existential stance in the universe is threatened, you either wake up or head out into the streets with blood on your mind.   

What to watch for: The questions for the New Timeline will arise out of the confusions of people and institutions as the ways of the previous timeline start slipping out of the grasp of those who have gained power based on assumptions that have ceased to be true.

What to ask: “What do you really know to be true?”

UFO on the White House Lawn

We have all watched movies which depict fantastic events, events that were they to be reported as actually happening would dramatically transform the world. Examples: a UFO landing on the White House lawn; Godzilla walking out of the ocean and tearing apart cities; planets being transported through space; the moon coming apart; meteors striking the earth; alien invasions; super beings flying through the air, massive destruction of the earth’s crust, massive solar eruptions. All of these events are dramatic on the face of it. You can see what is causing the havoc. The storytellers depict the consequences.

Today in the aftermath of the American presidential elections, we have such a dramatic event unfolding, only we cannot see the whole event. We think we can locate the cause, but we cannot. It is too easy to say that the political personalities on the TV screen are the cause of this supreme consternation. They are not. They are only one element of the effect. This event is also taking place in us, each individual, including those who will be reporting what is occurring across the world. All of these elements will be changing as a whole: the historical and social events, the institutions that report the events, and we the experiencers of those events.

In the movies, only one element of the dramatic event changes, namely, the intrusion of the disruptive influence. The media and the characters remain who they are so that we have them to relate to and keep the “what if?” alive as entertainment.  But today, now, in the world we live in, in the new timeline, all three elements will be undergoing radical changes as a single planetary transformation. The “intrusion” is not just out there. It is everywhere, inside and outside, in the external events (history), in the reporting of the events (the media), and the experiencing of the events (you and me). There will be no figuring this thing out as long as we experience the elements as separate components in our reality. The only real and sustainable support for the transformation that has just gotten underway in human consciousness is to turn to one’s core being, the multi-dimensional spirit out of which this transformation has arisen and through which alone we can find a clear perspective, a secure sense of self, and a place to stand.

The flood gates are now open and we will soon be inundated by the deepest mysteries of existence.

The Reality Election: The Blue Pill or the Red

When I first saw The Matrix in 1999, I was astonished that “waking up” would be depicted in such a despairing way. My version of waking up included such notions as enlightenment and cosmic consciousness. Of course, the movie and its ideas were generated by a Hollywood studio and produced with brand new special effects, had great actors who were hip to the nth degree, and burned steadily in our consciousness for a full two hours and was a massive box office success. End of story for the studios (not counting sequels), but could something like this possibly be true? After seventeen years we are still uncomfortable with the suggestion that there is a dark force controlling our reality to such an extent that only the most drastic alteration in our consciousness could reveal what is operating behind the scenes, the “scenes” in this case being everything we unthinkingly accept as real.

If there were a possibility that you could see what is driving the darkness in the world, I mean really see what it might be face-to-face in all of its hideousness, would you want to? What if this thing were something specific, like Lucifer and his band of fallen angels, or a group of grim faced bankers operating out of the deepest, darkest back rooms on the planet, or an ET reptilian race, or a population of Mr. Smiths as depicted in the movie, or something so wildly different we simply cannot imagine, and not just the seven deadly sins as a built in plague to justify the tales churches and synagogues and temples say is reality? Is the religious version of reality remotely true? Would you want to “wake up” and see it for yourself, free yourself from its grip by taking the red pill Morpheus offers to Neo and going from there wherever that might be, or would you choose the blue pill and remain forever oblivious to the insidious influence that might be keeping the human race in bondage, including you, accepting your life and the state of the world as it is because it has always been that way and that it is better to face the devil you know rather than the devil you don’t?

Neo took the red pill because, well, he just had to, which took him deep into “the rabbit hole,” from where there was no exit, only to discover that what he thought he knew as reality was actually the projection of a robotic computer consciousness using humanity to generate energy to keep its machinery selves running. In the movie story, this reality passes for “truth.” For us looking outside the windows of our homes, which in the movie is a manufactured reality called the matrix—that reality is for us the truth in all of its normalcy and deadness. It is the truth we live by, which passes relentlessly every day through the consciousness of every human being, unquestioned and unrevealed, nightmares and all.

Every morning in human history, from times unprinted in academic histories to the present, almost every human being has climbed out of bed and taken the blue pill, and life has gone on the same as the day before regardless of the level of drama human civilizations have created in order to convince themselves that what they are struggling for is real. Not to struggle in this way would send humanity deep into the rabbit hole asking questions about existence that, absent a repository of open-ended future possibilities to guide them, would tear apart the fabric of collective consciousness. The blue pill is existentially safe; sameness is secure. The red pill is dangerous to the core, threatening all of our understanding about life, self, and the cosmos. It is a wrecking machine that leaves no illusion undone.

On Tuesday, November 8, 2016, every human being on the planet took the red pill and passed into a New Timeline that will require each of us to face the truth of the human condition as it has existed in the old timeline and to prepare ourselves for a new human experience, one grounded in absolute truths about life and the cosmos. The political and social war that has just burst into flames is not between political parties and their visions of America, but between those who accept the restructuring of reality as it rises out of the red pill and those who desperately search for the blue pill to reassure themselves that they are safe. In this timeline, however, there are no blue pills and the past out of which humanity drew its justifications for hatred and violence will quickly dissipate from human consciousness. Over the next few years, blue pill reality will be dismantled brick by brick, thread by thread, stitch by stitch, and thought by thought. There will be no going back, no restoration of normalcy, and no rescue from above. We are it. It’s up to us how we accept our destiny.

Saved from the Darkling Plain

It is time to start considering utterly fantastic interpretations of reality as we try to account for what the world has just experienced and will continue to experience as a result of the American presidential elections.  “Wow! Who would have expected this to happen?” That’s just not enough. It is not enough to watch media stalwarts shuffling through their charts and graphs and demographic histories of states, cities, counties, or data crunchers examining hour by hour accumulations of predictable outcomes to bring this to a rational place that can be either accepted or dismissed, celebrated or raged against. There will never be enough political analysis, philosophical rumination about history, the founding fathers, the reemergence of the cold war, the proliferation of nuclear weapons, terrorism, global warming, the impending collapse of the European Union, trade treaties, the new multi-cultural reality, neo-Nazis, and the new world order, to allow the psyche to catch up with the unfamiliar territory it finds itself in. Nothing along these lines will ever be enough.  

How many people in the world have felt and are continuing to feel that something has gone wrong, not just that the number results are a staggering surprise, but that the underlying feeling, the familiar feeling with expected and understood continuities would suddenly not feel quite normal? We can continue to ask horizontal questions about politics, and the dark struggle of the campaign, but in that direction chaos lies, and chaos we are about to see.

A vertical investigation brings us to an even more staggering understanding of what just has occurred, an understanding which opens up my reality and is providing a platform in my consciousness through which I will be able to participate in the unwinding of the earthplanet world as I know it, and collectively as we have all known it together.

Earlier this week, earthplanet, as I call it to represent its multi-dimensionality, passed out of one timeline into another. We are no longer living in the timeline that has defined most of our history and provides the linear continuity that prompts medical people to ask semi-comatose patients who the current president is. ALL OF THE CONDITIONS OF THE OLD TIMELINE WHICH ARE STILL PRESENT IN THE NEW TIMELINE WILL BEGIN TO  EVAPORATE AS THIS TIMELINE PROCEEDS. INITIALLY THAT DISSOLUTION WILL BE OUR PRIMARY EXPERIENCE.  IN THE NEW TIMELINE, THERE WILL BE NEITHER PAST NOR FUTURE, ONLY THE PRESENT. THIS IS THE PROCESS WE ARE BEING CALLED TO WITNESS AND TO PARTICIPATE IN.



Contemplate from where we have come in these lines from Matthew Arnold’s “Dover Beach” These are the last moorings of the old reality:

Ah, love, let us be true

To one another! for the world, which seems

To lie before us like a land of dreams,

So various, so beautiful, so new,

Hath really neither joy, nor love, nor light,

Nor certitude, nor peace, nor help for pain;

And we are here as on a darkling plain

Swept with confused alarms of struggle and flight,

Where ignorant armies clash by night.

Subsets of Nirguna

Once one fully accepts the value of being in a body (not as easy as it might seem), one can move on to any number of possible human configurations for living. From domains of consciousness outside the mind, one can readily see that the mental programs that define individual and collective identities can be worked with so that one can create any life configuration to suit one’s spiritual intent.  

Most human beings, however, are not at this level; instead they blindly move about struggling to come to grips with their version of the human condition. It will take a lot of waking up to make this land spiritually fertile, and indeed there are a number of advanced souls moving about this landscape helping those trying to awaken. A lot is happening on this front.  

Beyond that truly different things are happening. While committed souls are civilizing the landscape of human consciousness for its ascension into the galactic network of enlightened planets, there are other kinds of beings (not souls) that are taking advantage of the ability of human consciousness to intently focus attention on itself in order to fathom the substructures of existence. The particular beings that I am working with are marking out the cross-dimensional edges of how “I exist” is “wired.” They have showed me that even though “I” is not a thing that can be known as an object, as any seasoned meditator knows, it can be explored as a “not-thing.”

In working with these beings, I have discovered that my “I” has a unique configuration. Initial probes into the “turrets,” “troughs,” “angles,” and “lines” of my configuration have revealed to me that they are links to other planes of existence which flow through the “not-thing” condition of my life, with “not” acting as a junction point where particular definitions of “I” can be directed onto other planes of existence. I call these “directions” of existence “subsets of nirguna,”  to use a Sanskrit term.

In my personal life, I have taken on a particular “wiring” of “I” as an addendum to my evolutionary life plan. The beings I am working with are “testing” different configurations of “I” as potential modes of interdimensional travel by introducing them into the evolutionary paths of created beings. This work is a sub-self mode of exploration by beings that do not have identity as we understand it and has nothing to do with personal evolution of self or the evolution of the human race, which continue on as the essence of my personal life story but with which I have had to some degree to make a separate peace in order to acknowledge the ascendency of this other mode of existence in my spiritual identity.


If I have made an error in the grand scheme of things sitting down this morning to write, how would I know? Would the writing be inevitably poorly conceived, or even if well conceived would the serving of it into the public domain bring opprobrium enough to manifest in me regret, or would the opprobrium be the desired results from a perspective my conscious mind does not occupy? Looking around the landscape of a lifetime of thinking about right action and what I am trying to do in this moment or in my life as a whole, remembering Krishna’s admonition to Arjuna in the Bhagavad Gita that “unfathomable is the course of action,” I needn’t think that I can figure all of this out. What I do is what I do and life goes on. Or, if my Sunday school training is to persist, somewhere in the depth of my being or sometime back in the ancient moorings of human existence, the burden of which is still mine to carry, some crime has been committed against God and I must either earn my way back into God’s grace by good works and obedience to His law, or invite a special representative of God into my life bringing grace with him and asking only acknowledgement of my guilt in order to receive it.

Except that this scenario is not how it works in the decent of being into the dividing and subdividing planes of existence, where infinite possibilities urgently move along infinite tracks into the unknown to become what they are in ways that human consciousness can never know, human consciousness being only one track of those movements in the cosmic working out of things. And how far does the primordial urge that becomes us go in the separations from itself before the particulars lose their connection to each other and further extension of itself is no longer possible?

For the particulate urge of pure existence on its way to becoming us, long on its own and remote from the whole, did not know, had no basis of knowing itself as an event until it cracked up on the rocks of unworkability and had to find its way back from negation with the news that it, revealed by a crash landing that had no predictability built into it because the unknown of it was absolute until it was revealed, that it is this planet, this world, these beings, all the broken apart pieces of its substance. It had to be this way, everything broken, for knowledge of how far the falling apart of it can go can only be gained when it breaks on the rocks of negation. And now it is what it is, for what was not known of it is now known all the way to its end point. The way it is now for human beings is that it does not matter from the point of view of it whether or not it will put itself back together from this cracking apart. The becoming of what it is is complete in its negation. The rest is about us, the pieces. Something has crashed on the moon and we are the regolith of its impact. What is yet to be known is what regolith can do. Knowledge of what it is is the choice of regolith to know.

Shruti Today

For millennia the Sanskrit term shruti has meant two things: direct cognitions of reality through hearing, and the written texts that represent those cognitions, the most prominent of which are the Upanishads. The most famous commentary on the Upanishads is the Brahma Sutras by Shankara, whose stated purpose was to integrate the disparate, aspected angles taken on reality by the seers who composed the Upanishads into the irreducible singularity of Brahman.

Historically, these ancient seers have been seen as the cognizers of the ultimate reality, the thing finally to be settled upon as the beyond-which-there-is-nothing-more-to-be, the final texts of which revelations have been designated forever as that. These texts, however, were not meant to designate finality. Texts themselves are forever separate from the gaze of the seers, which has never been available to the gaze of history.

The ancient texts and teachings were not records of cognitions to be passed on to posterity; they were/are tools used by Shankara and others today to awaken their disciples into superconscious states in order that they might participate in events eternally occurring in the primordial substrates of the cosmos. Those seers were then and are now hybrid beings, human beings transformed into cosmic seers through the agency of a vanguard of unmanifested seed urges sweeping into this plane of existence from otherwhere, probing particular human beings in order to see if those lives can be adapted to their particular impulses of the primordial urge.

Today many more waves of these quantum beings, each a unique matrix of divine “scrum,” are again entering human consciousness, evaluating the spiritual states of particular individuals, calling upon many to embark upon an advanced track in human evolution, a track successfully established (ropes laid) thousands of years ago by the ancient seers, and offering their seed vibrations as inexhaustible creation material. In the blood and soil of the Earth today, divinely fired creator beings are being generated as probes into higher planes of existence. Through the cognitions of ancient and modern seers, the evolution of the human race is now directly linked into the eternal evolution of the cosmos.

Whisperings are occurring now in the corridors of eternity. To hear the whisperings embedded in these words is shruti today.