UFO on the White House Lawn

We have all watched movies which depict fantastic events, events that were they to be reported as actually happening would dramatically transform the world. Examples: a UFO landing on the White House lawn; Godzilla walking out of the ocean and tearing apart cities; planets being transported through space; the moon coming apart; meteors striking the earth; alien invasions; super beings flying through the air, massive destruction of the earth’s crust, massive solar eruptions. All of these events are dramatic on the face of it. You can see what is causing the havoc. The storytellers depict the consequences.

Today in the aftermath of the American presidential elections, we have such a dramatic event unfolding, only we cannot see the whole event. We think we can locate the cause, but we cannot. It is too easy to say that the political personalities on the TV screen are the cause of this supreme consternation. They are not. They are only one element of the effect. This event is also taking place in us, each individual, including those who will be reporting what is occurring across the world. All of these elements will be changing as a whole: the historical and social events, the institutions that report the events, and we the experiencers of those events.

In the movies, only one element of the dramatic event changes, namely, the intrusion of the disruptive influence. The media and the characters remain who they are so that we have them to relate to and keep the “what if?” alive as entertainment.  But today, now, in the world we live in, in the new timeline, all three elements will be undergoing radical changes as a single planetary transformation. The “intrusion” is not just out there. It is everywhere, inside and outside, in the external events (history), in the reporting of the events (the media), and the experiencing of the events (you and me). There will be no figuring this thing out as long as we experience the elements as separate components in our reality. The only real and sustainable support for the transformation that has just gotten underway in human consciousness is to turn to one’s core being, the multi-dimensional spirit out of which this transformation has arisen and through which alone we can find a clear perspective, a secure sense of self, and a place to stand.

The flood gates are now open and we will soon be inundated by the deepest mysteries of existence.