My Election Night

Since the American presidential election of 2016, there has been a new presence on the planet. Everybody can feel it even if there will be different interpretations of what it is. What we can all agree upon, however, is that world is unsettled. People turn to each other looking for normalcy as if nothing has changed, but we all know something has. What to do? Life goes on but there is now a huge question mark in everybody’s psyche as to what the future might become. The results of the election did not cause this deeply churning consternation. They are, instead, an indicator of a planetary transformation originating at its spiritual core. The human race has chosen to wake up whatever the cost.

What I experienced while watching the election results was a like a bubble popping. Suddenly I was dizzy and remain so to this day. News personalities from both ends of the political spectrum were acting strangely. One commentator whom I have always respected was suddenly and uncharacteristically dumbfounded. He just looked up and said he didn’t understand what was happening.

That night I could not walk across the room without holding onto something solid. With lights out I tried to sleep but my mind was on fire. I felt like I had shifted into another dimension of reality. Before dawn I concluded that earthplanet, its entire physical and subtle sub-structures, had shifted into a new timeline. This was an astonishing conclusion to reach, but that conclusion is now rooted in my mind as a mental construct that will enable me to integrate the staggering changes we are about to face. This blog is my interpretation of those changes as I experience them.