Part One: Glory of the Risen Sun

Day of Election in New America

To be sung in the spirit,

felt in the heart,

and imagined as new human beings

dancing in a sun-flushed mind.

Our scene is New America hundreds of years into the future in the New Timeline. The characters are our descendants, thousands of generations into the unknown, and we are their progenitors beginning to emerge from the jungles of animal existence, helping those still struggling with the light of spiritual existence. I am writing as a time traveler of the ninth dimension, serving humanity as a member of the Galactic Forum, a body of advanced beings from across the galaxy who answer specifically to the Galactic Mind. Our mission is to prime certain spirits within the diminished time zones of emerging planetary consciousness in preparation for private missions of discovery for later in their evolution. Anyone who reads this material will be traveling into the future, probing a different kind of existence, preparing to be probed in return. A single question for the reader: Does this feel real to you or no?

Part I: Glory of the Risen Sun

Awake, my beloved son, awake, awake! The sun has risen and our neighbors are already dancing in the streets, and your bluebirds have arrived for your morning lesson. The backyard is filled with their music as they joyously await your presence. Awake, my beloved! Come back to the world and be my son for another day.

Oh sweet mother, let me hug you again, the first of many this day, I foresee. Yes, I hear the bluebirds, and, oh, let me look outside at our friends. The day has really come, hasn’t it my darling mother. Just like you promised. Hello, Dave, Samantha, I will be there after I greet my mother with bounteous love and sing with the bluebirds and nourish my body with fan.

And mother, most beautiful mother, you also promised that father would return from his deep meditation to be with us this day, and I know you are right, but how does he know how to come back on this exact day? He has been deep inside for weeks, away from the world and our home. How does he know?

My darling boy, you know why. Your father is a master of time. He is away working for us so that time will flow smoothly for all in the land, our land, New America, especially for this day. Now be alert to your body! Fan is on the kitchen table, a new flavor of creation everyday to give the body the joy of new beginnings and undying youth. Go now, the birds are exquisitely patient with your anticipation of this day, and I am sure your father will be back with us by the time your new song is fully sung into your heart. Go now!

Yes, sweet mother, away into a new day. I am the dawn and you are the glory of the risen sun!

Our beautiful son scarcely knows that his feet rarely touch ground, my dearest wife. So young, but he always flies true. And you are his mother.

Oh dear and glorious husband, you are his true and humble father. Let me wrap myself around you, whole body and soul! I can scarcely live when you are away, although I can feel your being deep inside of me as a living unknown surging deep and true. Unfathomable love is present when we embrace. Just the touch of your hand sends waves of ecstasy into my whole being. Sing with me, my love! Sing with me! Let the joy of your return spread throughout the land, let the neighbors know that their world again is secure with hope and wonder for living bountiful days under the golden sun and the deep night sky. Tell me, my deepest love, how many worlds did you visit this time, how many new songs have you brought back to us for this day? Tell me, my love, never stop telling me who you are and what the world is! If I die this moment, I will be the happiest woman who ever lived.

Oh, angel of my heart, let me kiss your feet! I have experienced nothing in weeks away that can compare to this moment of being in your arms, of hearing your heart sing, of being alive in this house with our son and his choir of bluebirds, in this land, our land, New America, awaiting the great expansion that is to come this day with knowing who we are within the turning of the galactic wheel, to know what path we have chosen for our ascension bliss. No, no, do not lift me up! I must kiss your feet until my tears of joy are fully shed, and my heart surrenders every other allegiance that this moment seeks to claim.

My beloved husband, I feel the golden love of your heart course throughout my body even as I look up and see that our darling boy has finished learning his new song. I hear his voice and the excitement of the birds that our son has learned his new song so swiftly. Our hearts must open now past each other to bring him in and with him the whole world. The shouts and laughter from the streets will draw him away, but he will want to greet you with the infinite love that sons feel for their fathers. Up, my gorgeous man, here he is!

Oh father! Oh my father! More glorious than the sun, grander than all the stars, source of all hope and joy and the promise of ever more happiness as day and night dance with each other, you are home, back from great wandering into the depths of eternal being. I have missed you, even in the embrace of my most beloved mother’s arms and the unbounded joy in her heart, I have missed the infinite depths of your being standing in this room, laughing with the stories of daily living, ours and our friends, across this land and other lands where joy dances unabated under the unbounded sky. How much more joy can a heart take?

Oh father, the birds today taught me to sing the gratitude of your return, to peer into the wellsprings of life where all things team with readiness to burst into existence. And here you are right now! It’s true! It’s all true! What is next for us, my father, master of time? Will the day be true to all that you have said? Oh, but that will come. Hold my body, dear father, tight and sure. I am your son! Let me be who you are!

The day has come, my beloved son! Just as your mother and I promised you. Secrets will be revealed. More happiness will flow through the streets and across the yards of our homes, and inside all of those homes new desires and new ideas will inspire new adventures in the mysterious lands of the spirit. Your mother and I created you after the last election day and today you will see why. This is your first election. After today you will feel inside everyone the urgent need for more young explorers of spirit to emerge from mothers’ love-filled wombs, emboldened for life ever ascending by the dark roar of the infinite being of the untamed father. This is life my beloved son. This is how we all come to be. This is who we all are.

But now through the open windows, riding the breezes of the happiness of your young friends’ voices, I hear the sounds of your name. They, too, have learned their songs for this election day and want to sing with you. So, go now. Sing and dance. Greater truths are on their way. Remember to be in the Hall of the Whispering Pines by noon. The sun tolerates no tardiness and you will not want to miss a single wave of the new joy. Peace and happiness are bedfellows of the spirit, my son! Go! Greet the new day, our election day!       [end of Part I]