Part Two: The Most Tender Veils of Love

And now, my beloved wife, we must prepare for this day. Our joy at receiving each other again beneath the skies of new hope and bounty must spread throughout the land, New America, and we must prepare the people for new knowledge and wisdom with which to receive the vision that will be revealed to us tonight. We will see what we have chosen in the lives which we have led since the last Day of Election, the one which brought you and me together to such unfathomable depths of life and love. Through each other, we know that we exist through and through and that there need be no convincing from others’ lives or from our own experiences in order to be grounded in this one absolute truth. I exist. You exist. We exist together and this living love of you and me standing in this room flowing steadily through the timewaves of this day, warmed by the fire of life, anticipating ever more revelation, this is the flowering of all that is. One more flowering tonight, my love, one more celebration of our existence.

Dearest husband, you have barely begun to tell me of your journey, the journey from which you have just returned, the grandest happening of your existence and mine and our son’s, which I can feel in my heart as you become more present in our world and home. Please share with me the joy of your discoveries, the new depths of being that are flowing out of you in grander waves of new becoming. You are more than who you were in the earlier days of our lives. Tell me more before my heart bursts in anticipation.

Oh my darling, truest love of my life, undying spirit of the goodness of everything, you are the faith that defies the uncertainty within all things that exist, you are the acceptance of all tears in their readiness to flow, you are the mystery of my existence, and you are the love that gives the world its light, the love without which spirit could not accept its own existence. I sense the uncertainty rise in you because you already feel the urge to become more than what we can be in our present way of living. Our son will experience more and rise higher than we will in these mortal forms, for after today those forms, our bodies and minds, will be fully realized as transitory, heralding new beginnings and new modes of being that will arise from the hidden fire of the sacred imagination, forms which we will need to master before the next Day of Election emerges out of the ground of our being.

Come, my beloved husband, source and wellspring of my life and our life together, and of the life of our son. I feel the urgency within you and wish to love you ever more deeply so that the land we stand on and which spreads out into the world where our son and his friends play and where our friends and neighbors search each others’ hearts for new acceptance and harmony and await the day’s deepest mysteries, I tell you, most beloved husband, that I must love you for all of that and more beyond what I can say and feel, for in the deepest realms of my heart, I feel new things, strange things that do not inform me more of who we are in this world or what this world is, and I confess that there is some fear in my heart that is settling like a mist beneath the most tender veils of my love for you. Hold me, most beloved husband. Hold me dear and true. 

Think of our son and his joy, of the land of our fathers and mothers and other election days, and reassure me that peace and joy will be with us throughout all our transformations, and that in the unfolding grandeur of new dimensions of living, our lives together will not be lost in time or the star-blanched skies of new worlds, that the here and now, our love and our existence together will be eternally true and real and that the creation of our son and our love for him will be known in all the worlds to come, tell me, oh love of my heart and soul, tell me for now and forever that all will be well, that our love will endure and that the great godbeing beyond, father and progenitor of us all, absolute spirit and living love within all things, knows us and loves us to the deepest cores of our being! Hold me forever, my most beloved man, plunge the torch of your existence into my soul, and roar with the dragon until oblivion claims us or leaves us emptied out on the plains of universes yet to be born.

Come, my beloved wife, heart and soul, deepest and most abiding dream lover in the cosmic life, sweetest and most heavenly secret in all existence, the dream come true in every lover’s heart, enfold with me again, petal to petal, bud to stem, stem to root, and root to ground into the all-one, the most perfect unknowable non-existence before it cries out the original “I exist!”    [end of part 2]