Do It For Me!

It’s me again. I hope I am not coming to you too much, me being a cat, but being with you always feels so good, and you know I can’t be without you now that I know you are there. When I close my eyes, I can feel only you. When my eyes are open, I feel the world and the world hurts so much. So why should I want to open my eyes? I open my eyes because my human parents love me very much and take care of me and it makes me happy to be their pet. I can feel their pain, but their love is strong, and I know I am helping them. We have such a nice house, our house, where we play and cuddle (I am a lap kitty), and I love the neighborhood where I can explore. They keep me in at night to protect me from night time dangers. I trust them in everything even when they don’t give me food every time I ask for it.

At first when I felt you, I thought you were just an empty space, nothing. But now I know better. You are everything and even though I am just a cat, I know that you love me and hear all of my prayers. Today I feel so much pain so I am praying extra hard, as hard as a cat can. The world is coming apart. I hear war cries in crazy thoughts, and their minds are coming apart. I pray for them today. It hurts too much to listen to the words and feel the anger and fear, but it won’t stop.

I don’t understand and it’s not fair. I know I am selfish and being selfish is not a good thing, even though I’m allowed as a cat, but I want my chance to be a human being. That’s all I want, just a chance. The way it’s going right now, there seems to be little hope that I will ever have one of those wonderful bodies, eat delicious human foods, and get to know so many different kinds of people. I will never have a chance to fly in a plane or talk on a telephone, go to school, or watch movies, or travel around the world, or go into space, or swim in the ocean, or most important, love the way human beings can love. So, please help me understand. Why do they hate each other so much? Don’t they know about you? Don’t they know that the sky really is infinite, and that their hearts have oceans of love in them? Why don’t they know?

So, God, this is all I want to say. I want my chance. I don’t want to see that chance end tomorrow. I want to be happy with my parents in this life and live many more lifetimes until I get to be a human being. Please save them. Save them for themselves and save them for me. I count. I know I count and I know you hear me when I cry like this. Whatever it will take, God! You need to move now! There’s not much time left! Do it for me, please God, do it for me!