One Reader's Response to Day of Election

Reader: Oh John. for two days I've tried to find the words to express the "experience" I walked through reading your story. I pointed to numerous phrases and well crafted words, but in the end they were your words, not mine. Even so, I know it was your intention to live the story, not just read it, and you warned me (the reader) that to proceed would make it so. All I know is that like all inspired words, yours has several layers with deeper and deeper meanings, and that compels me to read the series again and again to gain them. As for this first time reading, I was left with an ineffable comfort that so much more is going on in our universal experience than our small minds can comprehend--and yet our smallness is legitimate too. Giving myself the gift of morning reading and contemplation was especially meaningful to me having lost my sister recently. But as I say, I can barely literate why. Then again, there is no need. Thank you with all my heart for bringing to the page your heart and soul.

Me: When I write at this level, I know that only a handful of people will read it, and even within that small group there is the hope that someone will experience it like you have. Maybe someone else out there has had a similar experience but you have articulated what I hoped might happen with its readers. I am so grateful, one, that you let it in so deeply and have recognized that a single reading is just to give it a tap; and second, that you have put words to the possibilities for an ever deepening experience of one’s self as reality while reading it. Your comment that “our smallness is legitimate too” is an extremely important recognition, considering that personal pain is always challenging one’s grander viewpoints for hegemony in assessing the value of life. Nevertheless, there are moments I have while looking out the window or tying my shoe or watching a movie when I recognize that without these personal incarnations, none of these realizations would be possible. These small lives are real living, which we can fully experience when we expand out into the cosmos and contract into the inner folds of being. You and I, my friend, are doing both big time. Doesn’t that feel wonderful! See you in four days for more real living as Avatar Wizards. Sorry to hear about the Ginger Palace.