Part Four: Ro-magi-san

It is time, dear reader, you who have been taking this journey into the deepest mysteries of existence, to assess who and where you are at this point in your passage, for you are now ready to meet the Ro-magi-san. He has a message, a reminder that ultimate things are always at play inside of us, that we are all in danger of loosing track of the deepest currents of existence upon which the coming and going of worlds as well as individual lives forever ride. it is time to pause for a moment, feel the breath, notice the thoughts, look outside the window, and know each of those gestures as expressions of the one real being awake and active in you and me and in the world we so dearly love. Pause for a moment of acceptance and affirmation before proceeding, for what follows in the remaining four parts is wrapped only in the thinnest of veils of intellect and is not to be mentally wrestled with. It will stir what is yours to be stirred or shadow over what is not yet ready to be revealed. Have you decided yet whether this is real or no?

Part 4: Ro-magi-san

Come, my young traveler, of the infinite glory of being you must now be told. I have a secret for you, which you must not share with anyone in all existence, no matter in what form you may be living or whom you may be loving. There is no darker failure than to forsake this charge or become lost in the small details of the form-bound lives you will wrap yourself in in order to fulfill this purpose. For should you do so, surely you would die the deep death, the worst fate of any being divinely awakened through the long path of mortal evolution.

Today you will choose your path through the cosmos, the one which suites your deepest, but as yet unrevealed nature, which you will discover in the next few moments. From here the road forks, my young traveler. There is no turning back once you know. You will emerge from this day either as a Supreme Self ready to extend its life through the vast domains of the created cosmos, taking unlimited planetary and solar sojourns as a self-created being. In this manner, you will build a unique identity which you will ultimately offer to the Galactic Self at the moment of its transposition into the unknown. Your ultimate fate along this path will be to expire the purest death in service to the primordial pulse of pure existence, which is the realest of real events. At this juncture you will cease to exist. This is the path most traveled, my young traveler, the path of sacrifice and conclusion. This much I can tell you here, but you will not know this deepest secret in others. Inside we are each the deepest of the deepest, but the gift of the cosmos is that we each have a piece of the mystery that is ours to own. Including me.

The other path is steeper and darker. On this path there is neither name nor identity. You will embrace your inner most secret existence and transpose it directly into the unknown, take up explorations of existence itself as the real, that which has dimensions unfathomable to beings who evolve solely through the created conditions of their living. Today you stand at the crease in reality. Not even I know who you are or what you will discover. I am the place of no confusion addressing you directly, the junction point for you and all created beings, who exist in the unfathomable folds of the mystery itself, which breathes its existence into all things, created and uncreated.

For this passage, my dear friend and traveler, you who have emerged out of the darkness to be with me in this moment of ultimate intimacy, you will have all that your parents have given to you to keep you brave. Their lives are now fulfilled in you, and the bounty of their success will bring them into the beyond in the direction they chose on their Day of Election. Do you understand and are you ready to assent to receiving the secret of your existence and all the risks knowing this secret entails?

Yes, I am, Ro-magi-san.

Yes, you are, young traveler. Your heart is strong and pure as it must be for the knowing of what I am about to impart. There is a young man in the past of your land who suffers grievously for the loss of his beloved pet. In all the land and in all the heavenly realms of hope and peace, nothing has been able to part him from this grief. It is your task today to take your heart deep into his and discover the mystery of his love, why he has forsaken the love and compassion of angelic hosts from the highest heavens of these earthly planes, and why his dialogue with God has gone silent on this matter. Will you do that, my young traveler? Will you take the risk of failure under the skies of infinite possibilities? Will you risk crashing into the plain of impossible pain to discover the secret of his resurrection? And will you come back to me with what you have learned? Yes? Your silence is your truth. Go now. The Timesurfer is here to take you wherever you need to go and bring you back here instantly into the Hall of the Whispering Pines once you know the secret you are seeking. From there the skies are empty.         [end of Part 4]