Announcing The Invisible Room Podcast

It's finally here. After months of preparation and years of foraging through my inner landscape, a form has arisen. iTunes has spoken. The Invisible Room Podcast is up. The best way to sample the podcast is to listen to the  03:47 "Ep 000 Invitation," which gives you a feeling for what it is about and my inspiration for creating it.

All episodes are around 30 minutes. You can also find the podcast app on iTunes and on Google Play Music, where the first four episodes are available for download. They will likely load into your device last to first. They are, however, meant to be listened to in sequence. Subsequent episodes will be numbered in the titles.

I will post reminders on FB and Twitter (@hiddendragon333) when new episodes are published, which will be weekly on Friday afternoons. Episode 04 went up today.

The show is unique and has been months in preparation, both externally in learning the technology and internally in cultivating the inner spaces the show traverses. Try it and see. The mind slows down. Inner space opens up. If you feel uplifted, pass the word, along with five stars.

By the way, it is my firm belief that eventually this podcast will have thousands of listeners.