Waiting for iTunes

I am only a day or two away from submitting The Invisible Room Podcast to iTunes and Google Play. Things have been unfolding so quickly. I can’t tell whether this event has been created by intent or is flowering. It's both, of course. Things I have needed to understand suddenly are understood, either by turning the page of a book, watching a tutorial on YouTube, or listening to online podcast courses put out there by the “big boys,” those who have honed their podcasting skills into millions of dollars a year. Not my way, but they have much to offer for this neophyte and I am grateful for the ropes they laid for others to find.

Everything feels part of the whole, and now I can sense the first blossoms ready to emerge. A lifetime of spiritual adventure is about to come together into something that might actually be of lasting value to those who chose to come along. It started back in ancient times, the night he-who-must-not-be-named slouched his way to Washington to be president (Yeats reference for lit students), and I found myself shifted into a new timeline where the past is rapidly fading into non-existence, and doors into higher spiritual realms have opened wider. At the annual Avatar Wizard course in February, I tilled the soil and rooted out many life-diminishing features in my personal consciousness and planted the seeds of this adventure. Clean the stables, make the commitment, don’t turn back. Anyway, where to go?

Social media extensions are legion so I have picked just a few: my personal FB page; the Perspectives from the New Timeline blog site; Twitter for quick comments and announcements “@hiddendragon333”; and Instagram for photos at “jrldragon.” I shall put up the podcast website when iTunes gives their okay.  

. . . on our way home to the farther shore.