Navigating Reality Through a Module of Perception

Ep 09 Godseed Vision: Light the Way!

Inside our personal lives, the world is a magnificent place filled with unimaginable beauty. We walk through the world with our individual life stories, which include a full range of pleasant and unpleasant experiences. We enter the world at birth and depart at death. The world was here before we were born; it will be here after we die. For the personal self, imbedded inside this version of the world, this perspective generates countless incarnations of personal lives struggling to find the reality that generates a stable and satisfying point of view, a view free of suffering and ignorance.
From viewpoint of the invisible room, where one’s self is the divine source and center, a piece of the absolute spirit, the entire world, including the individual life, and the surrounding environment and the universe beyond, that is, everything in our field of perception, is a holographic projection from our divine self and center. From that viewpoint, that’s what the world is. Your life is a holographic projection from your center; my life is a holographic projection from my life center. The common ground we share makes it possible for us to refer to our environment with common references. That common ground is created on a higher plane of existence by a godbeing projecting a holographic projection of the entirety of earthplanet plane.
Nothing exists outside of our respective fields of perception. The world, your world as you perceive it, is an on/off reality. When we sleep, the world and the whole universe cease to exist. When we wake up, it turns back on. When we enter deep meditation, we turn the world off. It ceases to exist. When we come out of deep meditation, it starts up again. If you are sitting in a room looking at the walls, know that there is nothing on the other side of the walls, just the void.

Every life is a unique module of perception turned on and off through the activities of the divine intelligence within the invisible room. The invisible room, your invisible room, is a command and control center for your life activities being generated from deep within the quantum cosmos. This is the reality whether we identify with our divine source and center or we identify with the personal life story. Waking up is waking up to this fact.
The reality of “Episode 09 Godseed Vision: Light the Way!” is the quantum module of perception. There is no personal life story. From inside each module of perception, we create a certain reality for the purposes of the episode. We discreate that reality when that purpose has been fulfilled. Who creates that reality? Who discreates it? The godbeing entering the invisible rooms of those who are listening. A chance to stir the deep workings of spirit. A chance to learn how a module of perception functions. A first lesson in learning how to travel the quantum cosmos.

Primer for Life Inside the Invisible Room Part II

What Does it Mean to Travel the Quantum Cosmos?

Travel through the world of time and space is exciting adventure for human beings looking to expand their life experience. On Earth there are beautiful landscapes of water, earth, fire, and air. The roar of the senses and the rapture in the loins give the world its pleasures, around which we fashion the beliefs and stories we use to control our passions and define the world. This is what human beings do. This is what they know.

The space beyond the planetary sphere opens the mind to the grand speculations of science, philosophy, and religion. The universe, however, looks back in its wonder and mystery, only to say, “There you are!” The incidentals of living have changed throughout the ages, but never the core. Souls come and go in endless rounds of pain and confusion. Time-bound and ignorant of spirit, very few human souls ever experience the grand drama of existence. Pedal and break is all they know.

Humanity has nowhere to travel that will change this condition. Trips to Mars or Proxima Centuri only extend its reach until it perishes in the carbon ash of worn out seed, not very far down the road from that fruitless vision. A few grand souls will transcend the world and the human condition and explore new vistas until the universe itself tires of the grand futility of fading form, and the overlord of that incarnation, itself a projection of the quantum cosmos, surrenders its illusion as supreme deity, and the quantum lord of that plane turns it off.

The self-supreme of the quantum traveler is the invisible room, the one that’s deep inside our human longing; it is eternal, absolute, and the source of our lives as we walk in the world. The universe it perceives through our eyes is its creation, out of the infinite potential of its invisible room. When it travels inside the world to explore its creation, it never forgets who it is or the intent that moves it. Such an explorer of worldspace is a godbeing traveler, living out the godseeds imparted to it to explore.

Every godbeing of the invisible room serves a godbeing master on a higher plane, on and on into the vast unknown. The quantum cosmos works like this: for each creation, there is one explorer, one traveler. That creation can be a unique, individual life; it can be a whole planet world of many lives and dimensions; it can be a universe full of myriad worlds and astonishing beings; or a grand design from unknown planes beyond the beyond. 

A quantum traveler creates, experiences, and discreates the reality that arises from its mysterious core, its invisible room. It may choose to enter its creation to serve the intent of its godbeing master. Or the greater godbeing master may choose to enter its worldspace creation. Godbeing incursions have occurred many times on earthplanet plane.

Quantum travelers live the grand drama of existence the way it really is. They move through the quantum cosmos on dark waves of existence pulsing out of the deep unknown. These waves are the deepest of the deepest mystery of the invisible room. 

Next week: Ep 10 Prayer for Transcendent Peace

The Quantum Traveler Activation Keys

In the deepest folds of the absolute spirit, something infinitely tender lives the one real life. Hidden beneath the veils of all living beings, it travels the cosmos as the mystery of existence. Living love is the heart of a quantum traveler. The energy that moves it is ecstatic self-knowing.

Human beings know nothing of the quantum cosmos, for human love is bound to the confusions of time. They know nothing of the conditions that make love real, of how the world receives its shape and the human heart its longing. Human love lives and dies in the veils. It surrenders itself to spirit when living love awakes.

As living love fills the invisible room, godseeds tremble with germination desire. They long to awaken and walk in the world, to live eternal life in mortal form. In the silent mystery eternal self-knowing, feel that desire! Live in its love! Burn in its beauty!

A Primer for Life Inside the Invisible Room Part I (Revised)

The invisible room is our divine source and center, our piece of the absolute spirit. This is where we and the rest of the universe come from. From inside the mind, the world is a planet, third from the sun. From inside the invisible room, our personal life and the universe as a whole arise as a module of perception, a creation, waiting for us to learn how to use it. Listening to The Invisible Room Podcast accelerates the process of transferring our viewpoint of life from the mind to the divine source and center. This transfer is a deep, life consuming process. Listening lets the higher self know that that’s what we want. 
Why might one be reluctant to move into the invisible room?
Much of humanity is beset with mental conflicts, delusions, and emotional turmoil to such a degree that personal thought cannot maintain the idea of a higher self, much less moving into that point of view. The heart is darkened by thoughts and behaviors that cloud over the higher dimensions of life. Higher life is, nevertheless, at work with these struggling beings. No one is left out of the grand drama of existence.

On its own, the mind is quite capable of coming up with good reasons for shifting into a higher reality. They will sound good. One can believe them. But eventually those reasons become another expression of the ego’s desire for self-preservation. It tries to convince us that the higher self is a collection of beautiful thoughts (scriptures, ceremonies, traditions, and the lives of saints and sages). We know how good these spiritual garments feel, for we have worn them for many lifetimes. We feel especially comforted in belonging to groups who dress like we do and who drink from the same cultural wells. We linger in these beautiful minds for as long as it takes to learn that reality and the indicators of reality are not the same thing, until we realize that membership in the group can only tell us what to believe, that following the pathway of the spirit through history ultimately takes us to a dead end. 

One of the most deceptive barriers to permanently entering the invisible room rises when we label as "spiritual" our life and lifework. We fear sacrificing that hard earned identity for something that is independent of others’ expectations or the reality descriptions of ancient and contemporary seers. Being on our own is a truly daunting prospect. Discovering that our real identity is something that we cannot be conscious of is an existential crisis that must inevitably be faced. This situation requires faith absolute. The mind is not a tool for self-enlightenment.

How does it happen? What can I do to set things in motion? 

Spiritual seekers eventually realize that the mind is a prison. The soul reaches out toward the sun through the bars of its thinking and cries out to be free. The sun hears and sends loving spirits to open the door. These loving spirits set the soul on fire with the fire of life and teach it how to prepare for the intervention of spirit absolute. Spirit alone can pull it across the threshold, for the self of the thinking mind is existentially different from the self-existing glory of the invisible room. Spiritual transition is not movement from one mental place to another. Spiritual transition is a transformation from one existential condition to another. Existential transformation is the work of the universe. This is what we see when we get to the door. 

Listening to The Invisible Room Podcast raises flags in our spirit field so that higher beings can see us and help us take those steps. With every effort, we feel stuck. With every movement, we feel free. "I can't do it" ultimately becomes "Let it happen." The story of "me" becomes the story of everything.

Next Week Part II of “A Primer for Life Inside the Invisible Room”:
What are the mechanics of quantum travel?
Where do I go?
And Who Wishes to Travel?

What Are We Thinking About Today?

Everyday thoughts begin as reality streaming out of the living love flame, making its way through many dimensions of the quantum cosmos and ultimately into your brain and mine becoming what I think of as me and what you think of as you (and vice versa). Those thoughts, familiar, fruitless, and for the most part dead, are little more than the body dealing with mortality. By the time they hit the street, their point of origin is long wrung out of their sense of knowing what is real and replaced with endless repetition of unresolved emotional and social issues that are never fully resolved in a lifespan, even a long one. Feeling good is still a veil. What to do? Can we open that door and just get a peek outside the veils of the story?

From inside the invisible room, we learn to build a new life. We learn that karmic seeds are like weeds growing wildly in an untended garden and that godseeds are available for living should one “look up from the game” and have just a moment’s startling realization that one is responsible for one’s personal garden and that flowers abound when living love floods the invisible room and godseeds stir with the desire to live a mortal life, to open mortal eyes, to travel mortal thoroughfares, to enjoy the mortal pleasures of the senses as god-given joys embedded in the waves of being; and then to die the real death of knowing absolute.

Join the conversation. Every episode is an extension of the previous one; each episode is the beginning. Episode 07 smooths out the consternation one may feel upon realizing that one’s life is a story and stirs the energy for the first journey into the quantum cosmos. Living love prepares the way. Living love opens the door, and when we travel, living love is who we are.

What is a Real Being?

Episode 06 of The Invisible Room Podcast is entitled "Real Choices for Real Beings." We have spent many episodes bringing what a “real being” is into focus, but here now are a few written words dedicated to enhancing that clarity. Know that the child depicted below is awake.

Who are real beings? Real beings are people conscious of what is going on behind the scenes of their life stories, on the other side of the mind, where interpretations of reality are dynamically acted out within the spirit and cause us to look at the world the way we do. The grand secret a real being knows is this: The world as we see it is not fixed; there are other possibilities.

Most human beings live out their lives without ever facing the dynamics of how we individually and the universe in its totality come into existence every moment every day. It's there to be seen and experienced. Real beings are out to know who they are and what the world is and understand that this kind of knowledge is not text book material. It takes courage to take on the unknown in this way and to question down to the depths of one's being how things work, and living with the reality that one's consciousness designs the universe one perceives.

The hardest thing to face about the human condition is that our happiness depends upon becoming a real being. It depends upon untangling ourselves from the religious and scientific indoctrinations that we take for granted and which bind our spirits to the most abject attitudes toward our fellow human beings. Our value and justification for existing as living creatures in the cosmos depends upon becoming a real being; and the stance we take when we contemplate the inevitability of death is seriously diminished when we have taken no step into the unknown; death, of course, being the absolute reminder that we are all real beings struggling to reach out into the unknown for our destiny. Tragically, it might be said that people cheat, maim, and kill other people every day just so that they do not have to look at these things square on.

My purpose in this podcast is not to teach, to inform or to inspire; it's to stir nascent life energy waiting to burst on the scene with love, wisdom, compassion, courage, and the most exciting knowledge of all--that we exist as part of a grand cosmic design. To miss that awakening is the deepest of human tragedies.

Episode 06 of The Invisible Room Podcast is Now Available

After the two initiations into the inner realms of the invisible room, it is time to assess where we are and what it is like to see the world from within our worldspace life story through the lens or our story selves, and what is like to see the world and ourselves from within the invisible room as a divine source being. They are not the same. This episode lays the foundation for Episode 07, which is the implanting of the “one love living godseed” into one’s personal consciousness. Beginning with this episode and extending through Episode 10, we dive deep into the root of human love on the way to its encounter with the reality field. It is the most profound journey one makes as a seeker of divine grace, for the only passage through this territory is through grace.

Episode 06 Real Beings Doing Real Things

The Philosophy of The Invisible Room Podcast

To bring up the movie I wanted to watch last night, I had to enter specific codes into my Roku box. A lot of thumb work. That’s what we do, of course, whenever we click on an image or a title or put in a password; we quicken specific codes to do what they were created to do. Peel away the image above, and it's all codes. The movie itself is codes. Codes are how things work. It's the same for the codes used to get us born into this world. Those codes we call karmic codes (DNA for the soul), which are always broadcasting signals out into the world to attract certain kinds of experiences.

Before we come into this world, we work with some pretty amazing beings to come up with codes that become the lives we live. Karmic seeds, we call them. We want to learn. We want to evolve. We want to clear some debts from previous lives. We want to get it right. Love better, believe higher things. The lives of evolving souls have their own “Netflix” identities, each life a movie to be lived, seeds for life experiences, which, when lived out, create more karmic seeds, ad infinitum. Slow burn spiritual growth at the movies.

My view of spiritual coding is that this is a game we need to look up from (Ep 01). Get outside the karmic debt box. Living out karma defined lives is the boat to better personal lives and, yes, greater knowledge about how the whole thing works, and eventually a lifetime or two of God-realization experiences, and then more of something else, ad infinitum. That’s the famous wheel of birth and death seekers are perpetually trying to get off but hardly anybody ever does and what does that mean anyway? That way is the slow boat to God. That’s how most souls travel.

The invisible room is imbued with the original light. All seeds, karmic seeds, godseeds, all the seeds that generate universes eternally are contained in the original light. When we meditate with the ancient buddhas on the shore of the ocean of being, we are tapping into the original light, from where the matrix of the universe is creating everything, including you and me (Ep 05) right now. Inside the invisible room, we find the link that joins our life seeds to the original matrix of the universe that is currently in play. We can enhance our karmic lives this way to quite satisfying results. It’s like resetting our personal existence to be in alignment with the original light that burst from a magnificent godbeing as it entered this plane of existence in the quantum cosmos.

However, when we transfer our life coding system from the karmic field to the godspace field, the invisible room, and import godseeds into our personal living system, we contact real knowledge. We come into alignment with the God-agenda of the entire cosmos and have a better God-realization potential because we exist in the same real space God exists in (Eps 02 & 05). All this, of course, is over the top for karma based minds, but it’s the reality that swims into view the more time we spend in the invisible room. Enhance our karmic lives, or transfer our life codes to the invisible room and live godbeing lives (Ep 06). The invisible room is good for both. How things get chosen is another, deeper issue (Ep 08). Listening to The Invisible Room Podcast applies accelerant to that process.

The words and ideas of each episode are the furniture the mind uses to create a space for real events to happen in the background silence (Ep 01). A deeper understanding of visiting the invisible room goes like this: it is closer to the truth to say that the invisible room has found us rather than the other way around. It knows who we are. How far it can go with us is still up in the air. Karmic enhancement is a valuable goal; however, shifting one’s life totally into the invisible room brings greater possibilities for awaking (Ep 07). As we spend more time in the invisible room, we will know the difference between karmic beings working out karma, and real beings doing real things from inside the invisible room. Imagine that moment when one’s consciousness is clear enough to deliberately choose (Ep 04). If you haven’t heard an episode yet (or even if you have), click below and ask the invisible room which episode might bring this moment to its greatest clarity.

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