Navigating Reality Through a Module of Perception

Ep 09 Godseed Vision: Light the Way!

Inside our personal lives, the world is a magnificent place filled with unimaginable beauty. We walk through the world with our individual life stories, which include a full range of pleasant and unpleasant experiences. We enter the world at birth and depart at death. The world was here before we were born; it will be here after we die. For the personal self, imbedded inside this version of the world, this perspective generates countless incarnations of personal lives struggling to find the reality that generates a stable and satisfying point of view, a view free of suffering and ignorance.
From viewpoint of the invisible room, where one’s self is the divine source and center, a piece of the absolute spirit, the entire world, including the individual life, and the surrounding environment and the universe beyond, that is, everything in our field of perception, is a holographic projection from our divine self and center. From that viewpoint, that’s what the world is. Your life is a holographic projection from your center; my life is a holographic projection from my life center. The common ground we share makes it possible for us to refer to our environment with common references. That common ground is created on a higher plane of existence by a godbeing projecting a holographic projection of the entirety of earthplanet plane.
Nothing exists outside of our respective fields of perception. The world, your world as you perceive it, is an on/off reality. When we sleep, the world and the whole universe cease to exist. When we wake up, it turns back on. When we enter deep meditation, we turn the world off. It ceases to exist. When we come out of deep meditation, it starts up again. If you are sitting in a room looking at the walls, know that there is nothing on the other side of the walls, just the void.

Every life is a unique module of perception turned on and off through the activities of the divine intelligence within the invisible room. The invisible room, your invisible room, is a command and control center for your life activities being generated from deep within the quantum cosmos. This is the reality whether we identify with our divine source and center or we identify with the personal life story. Waking up is waking up to this fact.
The reality of “Episode 09 Godseed Vision: Light the Way!” is the quantum module of perception. There is no personal life story. From inside each module of perception, we create a certain reality for the purposes of the episode. We discreate that reality when that purpose has been fulfilled. Who creates that reality? Who discreates it? The godbeing entering the invisible rooms of those who are listening. A chance to stir the deep workings of spirit. A chance to learn how a module of perception functions. A first lesson in learning how to travel the quantum cosmos.