The Philosophy of The Invisible Room Podcast

To bring up the movie I wanted to watch last night, I had to enter specific codes into my Roku box. A lot of thumb work. That’s what we do, of course, whenever we click on an image or a title or put in a password; we quicken specific codes to do what they were created to do. Peel away the image above, and it's all codes. The movie itself is codes. Codes are how things work. It's the same for the codes used to get us born into this world. Those codes we call karmic codes (DNA for the soul), which are always broadcasting signals out into the world to attract certain kinds of experiences.

Before we come into this world, we work with some pretty amazing beings to come up with codes that become the lives we live. Karmic seeds, we call them. We want to learn. We want to evolve. We want to clear some debts from previous lives. We want to get it right. Love better, believe higher things. The lives of evolving souls have their own “Netflix” identities, each life a movie to be lived, seeds for life experiences, which, when lived out, create more karmic seeds, ad infinitum. Slow burn spiritual growth at the movies.

My view of spiritual coding is that this is a game we need to look up from (Ep 01). Get outside the karmic debt box. Living out karma defined lives is the boat to better personal lives and, yes, greater knowledge about how the whole thing works, and eventually a lifetime or two of God-realization experiences, and then more of something else, ad infinitum. That’s the famous wheel of birth and death seekers are perpetually trying to get off but hardly anybody ever does and what does that mean anyway? That way is the slow boat to God. That’s how most souls travel.

The invisible room is imbued with the original light. All seeds, karmic seeds, godseeds, all the seeds that generate universes eternally are contained in the original light. When we meditate with the ancient buddhas on the shore of the ocean of being, we are tapping into the original light, from where the matrix of the universe is creating everything, including you and me (Ep 05) right now. Inside the invisible room, we find the link that joins our life seeds to the original matrix of the universe that is currently in play. We can enhance our karmic lives this way to quite satisfying results. It’s like resetting our personal existence to be in alignment with the original light that burst from a magnificent godbeing as it entered this plane of existence in the quantum cosmos.

However, when we transfer our life coding system from the karmic field to the godspace field, the invisible room, and import godseeds into our personal living system, we contact real knowledge. We come into alignment with the God-agenda of the entire cosmos and have a better God-realization potential because we exist in the same real space God exists in (Eps 02 & 05). All this, of course, is over the top for karma based minds, but it’s the reality that swims into view the more time we spend in the invisible room. Enhance our karmic lives, or transfer our life codes to the invisible room and live godbeing lives (Ep 06). The invisible room is good for both. How things get chosen is another, deeper issue (Ep 08). Listening to The Invisible Room Podcast applies accelerant to that process.

The words and ideas of each episode are the furniture the mind uses to create a space for real events to happen in the background silence (Ep 01). A deeper understanding of visiting the invisible room goes like this: it is closer to the truth to say that the invisible room has found us rather than the other way around. It knows who we are. How far it can go with us is still up in the air. Karmic enhancement is a valuable goal; however, shifting one’s life totally into the invisible room brings greater possibilities for awaking (Ep 07). As we spend more time in the invisible room, we will know the difference between karmic beings working out karma, and real beings doing real things from inside the invisible room. Imagine that moment when one’s consciousness is clear enough to deliberately choose (Ep 04). If you haven’t heard an episode yet (or even if you have), click below and ask the invisible room which episode might bring this moment to its greatest clarity.

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