Enlightenment and the Coming of The Divine

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It’s all happening in a rush! Veils are falling and we are reeling in the winds of change as new realizations sweep through our minds, leaving unanswered questions exposed to the light of our knowing, bringing to the fore the most basic questions that will transform our lives when addressed with clarity and courage. 

The question of enlightenment defines the lives of many people who have explored the depths of their being through prayer, meditation, ritual, worship, and holding sacred the unquenched longing that grips the core of our hearts. Here you and I struggle together. It’s time to pull this issue out of the depths. Let us push aside the expectations and disappointments. The cry “I want to live!” has transformed into the cry “I want to be enlightened!” Take it on! Feel it now! Deep in our hearts, the unquenchable longing is waiting for the touch that puts everything right and clear and opens our depths to the divine gaze, to the being who knows all, who is the answer where there are no questions and whose intent for you becomes obvious, when you bow down in surrender to what has always been. 

The reason I say so now is that we are approaching the place in The Invisible Room Podcast where the light and information and the vibrational lift is coming directly from the Galactic Mind making deep incursions into the lives of those who are ready to pull off the veils, to perceive with clarity the nature of enlightenment and receive preparation for the ultimate journey into the great beyond as enlightened, knowing beings joined to the grand community of enlightened beings working consciously and deliberately to prepare for the culmination of earthplanet’s spiritual awakening, to move unequivocally into the divine flow that is creating the Quantum Light Body Vehicle, represented by the flower image that accompanies this writing and the 14th broadcast of this program, and leaving behind all the past lives, including the one being lived now, and dying into the absolute spirit that is the invisible room or whatever designation inside you which raises your vibration the highest. Be the lover, then let love die. 

Deep inside we are holding on to something that is outside any of the life experiences we have clung to and died for over many lifetimes. Through mighty labors in the heart, we have learned how to release ourselves from so many things, but not this one. This desperate clutching is happening deeper than anything we have known in the world. It is the awakening spirit’s trepidation for surrendering into the infinite. For us it is death, a step we cannot deliberately take because it defies our most basic human grounding—life! Being clutches being as something other in the infinite darkness and cannot let go of this experience of itself without the direct intervention of the divine other, the grand lord of this plane of quantum cosmos, the awakened Galactic Mind, through which comes the recognition that you dwell safely in bosom of this divine being. There is no other place to go but to surrender to this action coming to you. You have not longed for this in vain.  

Enlightenment is not a myth, but it is more than awakening, which is an extension of consciousness into the created realms and carries its own grandeur to be lived out in many existences over the lifetime of this cosmos. Enlightenment is existence in the way of God. It is the extinction of the unquenchable desire in favor of riding waves of the grand mystery of all that is, of fearlessly grasping and accepting the original condition, the unborn substance quivering in its unresolvable self-knowing. Enlightened beings take on what absolutely is, as does the godbeing of this plane of the quantum cosmos, the Galactic Mind.

For anyone who has felt these words moving into their divine depths, it is time for inner resolution. Nothing other than that can be done.  No judgments can be made about who you are or how you stand. Your coming and going is part of the mystery only the divine one knows. Just feel the deep waves moving and know. 

Listen to Ep 14 The Grand Gathering of Quantum Light Travelers

Ticket to Ride

I get it! If I had a chance to go into orbit, I’d go in a flash. What a breathtaking adventure to see the earth as a ball in space in the infinite blackness. I get it! And the people who want to go to Mars, even on a one-way trip and pay billions of dollars for a ticket! Who doesn’t get just an inkling of what that means to a human being, even if much of this posturing comes from longings left over from childhood? Deep inside, something indeed stirs us to push our boundaries over the horizon and swell to proportions of being that . . . well, that what? Until the death boundary shows up and doesn’t get pushed around by any sort of fascination with the world as we see it.
Those who have been reading my blogs and listening to my broadcasts have noticed by now that my vision doesn’t allow human existence to be confined by the vulnerability of the mortal form to inevitable extinction. Life beyond is what I point to. Mortality is an issue only to those are so glued into the world that spirit exists merely as a topic of discussion or at best as a principle of belief.
For me spirit is a vehicle for travel into the great beyond that has no place on a map of the world, or the solar system, or the galaxy. Once you know, you climb aboard, or, if you really want to travel, you surrender completely into the conditions of spirit, your invisible room, and boot up the cosmic intelligence command and control center for alignment with other cosmically awake beings, quickly getting the lay of the land of the quantum cosmos and loading up the knowledge that defines this dimension of the cosmic string and finding your place. Just for starters.
Is this stuff new to you? If so, that’s okay. Take what follows as a primer, or even, perhaps, an invitation to join and wake up to the grand drama of all that is. Grab a board! Ride the waves! Why not?
Just outside the veils of the human story lie planes of existence that that are rich with life and evolutionary potency. The entire cosmos, the 3-D material version and the quantum cosmos version, is governed and moved by influences that, once experienced, generate a permanent state of astonishment within the human condition so much that it bursts through the illusions of plain old planet earth, beautiful as it is and filled with undiscovered facts and processes, which over the years has become a tedious, day in and day out experience such that the rising of the sun means just one more day of unconscious habits generating thoughts and behaviors, even if they are grand and compassionate, that always come back to the next day with no resolution to the undercurrents of dissatisfaction that ultimately brings us to death, which is the one truth that reminds us that we are real beings, but which within the density of human illusion becomes a big enemy that needs to be conquered or at least avoided as long as possible. What childishness! 

Envision, if you will, a grand arena of awakened beings moving in and out of a perfectly formed, translucent flower of unimaginable splendor and grandeur, each being with its core invisible room gracefully contained by a quantum light body, bursting with the desire to explore the great beyond, fueled by the ecstatic self-knowing generated by the living love flame, and the boundless knowing that comes from the eternal meditations of the ancient buddhas on the shores of the unknown. Just imagine!

And that the coming and goings of these quantum light beings, real beings doing real things, are guided by a grand being in the vast beyond, which each of the quantum beings knows intimately because each knows that it exists and moves within the divine will of that which attends that knowing. Just imagine! Stop and imagine! 

And imagine still that when the work of these quantum light beings with the “perfectly formed, translucent flower of unimaginable splendor and grandeur” has reached its fullness, with each quantum being fitted perfectly into the grand arena with all the other layers and layers of quantum light beings, freshly liberated from endless rounds of human incarnations, a cosmic event will occur and there will be the leaning in of the grand cosmic being in which we all have lived and died, and it will gaze upon what has been accomplished and if satisfied will reach in and take it up into its magnificent existence and prepare it for the final offering by which it will be lifted into a beyond, the anticipation of which brings to it the kind of trepidation we can never imagine, but which will also bring into those riding with this being into the beyond as the essence of its exposure to this plane of the cosmic string the fullest satisfaction of their many, many lives as mortal human beings 

And you want to go to Mars?!

Your Ticket to Ride, if you wish to visit this flower, is a dramatic shift up in vibration: Click here, don headphones, and surrender to the mad ride. This a real event.

A Case for Not-Oblivion on the Other Side of Life

You can make a case for oblivion as an afterlife option. Easy. Oblivion is nothing. Waking up from sleep, you know what that is. Coming out of anesthesia from surgery, you know even more what that is. Oblivion is nothing: no life, no death, no suffering, no joy, no world, no longing for something you don’t understand and have little chance in discovering. Why not? Maybe that’s what awaits us anyway. 

The Buddhists talk about nirvana, and what is that but another kind of oblivion, a good Buddhist oblivion to be sure, a good escape from samsara, the world of moving things, mostly heavy matter things that bring pain if not managed properly, or even the heavy mental things like anger and hate. 

And how much do we believe in the various heavens spread out in the world’s religious self-justifications, and will it make pain and suffering and poverty and disease and murder and mayhem all worth it? Considering what most people around the world have experienced in the past and continue to experience and how much of that experience could count as suffering, yes, you can make a good case for oblivion as the reward for living on planet earth.  

But that’s not the case I want to make. Right now I am ecstatically happy about my life, despite frustrating days or even angry days that show up now and then, and despite the dark experiences in my past that still reverberate in the deep folds of my hidden psyche, and the near brush with insanity that has left some tattered spots in my will to be; yes, despite all of that, which was much worse than these words can make it sound, I make the case for life to continue beyond the falling away of mortal forms, and mental forms, and whatever other layers of human existence that might remain after the decay of physical matter sets in because in the total experience of my life, I have made the deep plunge into the core of my being, past the cries of human pain, deep into the unknown where things are not easily defined, past the chains of time and space and all other limitations, past the hole of night, deep into the void, and found and embraced the original thing in its original condition crying out the primordial cry: “I exist!” I embrace that cry in the deep of the deep right now and I respond with the penultimate cry from a mortal being who has surged alive on this planet: “I want to live!” And after billions of years of infinite becoming, that primordial cry showing up on this planet, in this person, destined soon to sleep the big sleep, this is what has broken through from the deep cry, three minutes and nine seconds that are my case against oblivion:


Bursting Through the Ceiling

Ep 13 Platform 9 3/4: All Aboard for the Self-Existing Glory


For a full preparation for listening to this episode of The Invisible Room Podcast, read yesterday’s post. Scroll down a bit and you will see it. Or click here if you listen through iTunes, Google Play, or Soundcloud. With the upward surge in vibration in the world, we need to pull away more of the veils around the message being delivered here. In this episode, the truth that is out there is now here. The image above is for those who wish to receive a direct transmission visually. There is magic in the air. We are all wizards looking around for our lost wands! If you intend to listen to this episode, remember to ask your higher self for your wand. It will understand. Enjoy the ride!

High Vibrational Lenses

The Invisible Room Podcast is undergoing a dramatic shift upward in vibration. This new vibration arrives with “Ep 13 Platform 9 3/4: All Aboard for the Self-Existing Glory!” Both the new intro and the content reflect an advanced vision and greater possibilities for insight into how this podcast is flowering. In any episode, there is the availability of concepts that make the episode comprehensible on the mental level. One can also “feel” the truth of an experience one might have while listening. Certainly, that feeling value and the understanding value have been my goals to this point. 

Starting with this new episode, which I will post Friday morning, those circumstances will become secondary to experiencing a vibrational shift while listening that will enable one to “see” the reality being referenced by the words. In other words, the experience of each episode is available at the higher vibrations. Absent that higher vibration, the sounds become just a blur of words. That’s why I sought out from Michael Garfield new music for the intro to upcoming episodes so that the material being addressed in each episode is more likely to swim into view. Since the creation of the new intro, I have found it difficult to listen to earlier episodes, which carry a beautiful but denser vibration. An hour ago, I tried to listen to “Ep 13” to prepare for writing these words, but my vibration was too low for me to catch hold of it. Ten minutes passed and I hadn’t heard a word.

In the last few minutes, Rachel and I enjoyed a splendid conversation about our experiences of the deep waters of spirit, and the profound mysteries that we engage when those deep waters touch the conscious mind, and, lo, here I am with the necessary vibration that I can write these words. Concurrent with that conversation was a discussion of Rachel possibly receiving cataract surgery to bring splendor back to her vision. See the connection? Not the first time that a conversation with Rachel has pointed the way.

If you feel committed to “hearing” what is in “Ep 13,” I recommend a once through to support the vibrational shift and then another time through to “hear” what is there. In this case, hearing is knowing. Another way to lift your vibration for these upcoming episodes is to listen to “The New High Vibrational Intro” until you can hear all the words without “going away.” (Probably impossible to do.) Find the link in the left menu on the podcast page and here. The higher vibration will also help you receive transmission from the images that come with each episode.  If you wish to play with this idea of vibrational surge, listen to the intro on the home page, which I dearly love and still believe in; then listen to “The New High Vibrational Intro.” The world is, indeed, different at a higher vibrational perception. 

When consciousness stabilizes at a higher vibration, we walk in the light of reality. What is happening behind the scenes becomes thoroughly obvious because the curtains covering those realities are no longer there. The presence of other beings moving through the world giving aid to awakening travelers becomes unquestioned. The reality of a gathering point for spirits preparing for ascension into higher planes of the quantum cosmos becomes obvious. No convincing necessary. For many who listen to this episode, the reference to that place will turn into a memory of what is already known at the higher vibration. Those who are awakening in their human existence and who remember why they are here walk with a purpose imbedded in the reality field, rather than with purposes generated out of old karmic seeds being replanted for future generations to grind out.

For those awakening to their presence in the quantum cosmos gathering field, their destiny is awaiting them on Platform 9 ¾. For more information, lift your vibration and play “Ep 13 Platform 9 ¾: All Aboardfor the Self-Existing Glory!” Live in its love! Burn in its beauty!

Ep 12 Reality: A Traveler's Guide to the Quantum Cosmos

Ep 12 Reality: A Traveler's Guide to the Quantum Cosmos

When the cacophony of the world becomes too much, we shut the door and take refuge in the treasures of the mind. We open our imaginations and inquire into the possibilities of making a great life, of returning to the cacophony armed with grand strategies for making our way in the world. When these plans inevitably fail, when sadness and despair refuse to yield, and when love loses the power of transcendence, we challenge the validity of the mind to take on the world and provide clear passage into understanding and fulfillment. Eventually, longings deep in the heart turn us inward for a meditative journey out of the illusions of our life stories. When we sit in meditation, we discover the silence of consciousness, alive to itself, unsullied by the cacophony of the world and the grand deceptions that imprison all those who are too afraid to challenge its assumptions and inquire deeply into the world story they have so blindly engaged over a lifetime.

Then a miracle happens, deep within the silence on the other side of consciousness, something stirs out of the unknown and claims our attention. We feel it, we recognize it, we know what it is. The subtlest threads of silence, upon examination, reveal themselves to be an infinitely vast cosmos of multi-dimensional passageways through which real beings, beings who wear the mantle of the self-existing glory, whose hearts are the living love flame, and whose will to be emerges out of the ancient buddhas on the shores of the unknown, travel in rapturous recognition that they exist. This is the quantum cosmos beckoning us back home to the all that is.

Those souls who have awakened and found themselves lost, cold, and alone in the wilderness of earthplanet plane, can now find their way back to the ancient land, where grand quantum beings of the many planes of existence travel on their way home to the farther shore. These beings are the real beings; their story is the one real story. Travelers of the quantum cosmos are in search of the grandest of grandest conditions of existence, riding waves of the unknown higher and higher into the deepest uncertainty any knowing being can face. Listen to these words. Hear the call. Look up and know the truth. Turn around and begin your journey, the one real journey, the journey that never ends.

The Miracle of Music in the Great Beyond

Michael Garfield

When we make ourselves available to the divine majesty moving through everything, miracles happen. The latest miracle to happen to me was Michael Garfield’s album Martian Arts. I have used his music for all episodes of The Invisible Room Podcast, letting the music expand the inner spaces of those entering the invisible room energy and for me creating the words of each episode. 

A few days ago, the vibration in the world suddenly went up. I knew something had happened but did not realize from how deep these new waves of the divine mystery were rising until one afternoon on my deck when my vibration burst into the great beyond listening to this album. I didn’t want to come back. I felt myself riding waves of the infinite, supported by the unbounded ocean of being. The rhythms, the ongoingness, departing, returning, expanding, contracting, and the many sudden very strange moments—all of this gave way to the mystery itself, and after listening 3-4 times in sequence, I knew I needed to bring my podcast into the space this music opened up inside me. Spirit moves in waves. Mystery moves in waves. I am an experienced traveler outside the world of mind and sense. This music brings me home. 

I am grateful to Michael for allowing me to use "Olympus Mons," a track from this album, to help me lift The Invisible Room Podcast into a more expanded space. These things are not planned. One is fortunate to be in favorable alignment with one’s outer world when the waves of mystery pass through. When one reads the comments which Michael added to the publication of this album, it is easy see that the deep mystery came for him that night. One of the grand expressions of that encounter is this music. Read his comments by clicking the first link below. Consider becoming a supporter.

New Waves of Being Flowing into The Invisible Room Podcast

This weekend The Invisible Room Podcast drew more listeners than any other weekend since it launched in mid-April. That is very exciting news for me and, in my opinion, for the world. The social and political drama we are living through is so small compared to the grand drama of existence, which is available to all of us just on the other side of the thinking mind. 

Coming into the invisible room and slipping out of the straight jacket of one thought after another brings into our purview the eternal landscape of existence, the quantum cosmos. The more people who opt out of delimited consciousness in favor of life on a landscape that includes the Ancient Masters and many more grand beings, the more our world will become realigned with the energies of the greater godbeing/buddha who is the overlord of this dimension of the quantum cosmos. Don’t believe this? That’s okay. Belief and disbelief are conditions of the mind. Knowing these things from outside the mind does not include the words printed here.

I thank all who have visited the two podcast sites and have listened to the audios and read the posts, but I extend a special thanks to those from foreign lands who tuned in to at least one episode: China, Ireland, Australia, The UK, Mexico, Indonesia, India, and Belgium. Seeds are planted across the global inner landscape.

The Invisible Room Podcast is undergoing a vibrational shift. Here is an overview of how things have transpired so far: 

Episodes 01-03 give us a taste of what life might be like when not defined by the thinking mind and the burdens it carries from past experiences, unfulfilled desires, and the unmastered psychological identities that keep our inner landscapes churned up. One might begin this podcast journey here, but with the changes going on now in the inner landscape, these episodes may be obsolete.

Episodes 04 and 05 open the first doors into the divine landscape. The living love flame and the deep inquiry of the ancient buddhas on the shores of the unknown are essential vibrations for emerging identities-supreme, which are the vehicles by which we traverse the quantum cosmos once we become liberated from the indoctrinations of the thinking mind. 

Episodes 06-09 begin the process by which listeners can activate an intent to “trade in” their karmic seeds, which generate lifetime after lifetime on earthplanet plane with very slow spiritual movement toward liberation, for godseeds emanating out of their invisible rooms, which can override karmic tendencies in favor of thoughts and experiences that open one to the grand drama of existence. Locked inside a room of diminished reality or stepping outside into the world that really is? Upon what part of one’s inner landscape does one stand for these options to be real?

Episodes 10-12 provide a transition from having one’s personal existence as the sole window into the universe into opening one’s inner life so that the downflow of cosmic consciousness from the higher planes into one’s invisible room will occur with minimum constriction. Tools for this work include short pieces that help integrate the personal experience with the invisible room experience. These tools include:

*     A Guided Journey into the Quantum Cosmos (available when Episode 12 is posted on June 16)

Episode 13 is beyond description. I know what it is, but I have yet to create it. This weekend I felt a profound shift in the energies that are being transmitted through the podcast and these written messages. Episode 13 will be posted June 23. 

The invisible room and the quantum cosmos are deep within us. There is no “out there” to go to. They exist in the silence, in the deep silence where infinitely tender threads of self-knowing provide passageways into the unknown. For sure passage through the quantum cosmos, we offer homage to the living love flame. For the traveler of the quantum cosmos, living love is the all-that-is. Living love resides within us, just on the other side of the veil that says these words are not real. 

Thanks again for participating in this journey.

Ep 11 A Shawshank Letter from the Ancient Masters of the Quantum Cosmos

Ep 11 A Shawshank Letter from the Ancient Masters of the Quantum Cosmos

The 1994 film The Shawshank Redemption is a story of two men who manage to find redemption after decades in prison. One escapes, one is released. This episode of The Invisible Room Podcast is also about an escape from prison, the prison of the mind and the relentless rounds of reincarnation into a world where human beings suffer the profoundest illusions about what the world is. As we become more familiar with the invisible room, our own divine source and center, we awaken to the realities of the quantum cosmos and the opportunities awakened souls have for continuing life once our sojourn on earthplanet plane is concluded.

Introducing the Ancient Masters of Earthplanet Plane

  Coming soon:
Ep 11 A Shawshank Letter from the Ancient Masters
Ep 12 The Reality of the Quantum Cosmos: A Traveler's Guide

In ancient times, when the world had little light, and hope was dim that one could live without suffering, great rishis, sages, and masters of meditation discovered the original light and saw the world being born. They saw who they were in the cosmic design and traveled the corridors of unknowing through the quantum cosmos. They bowed deep before the cosmic splendor. Their godbeing masters enlightened them fully.

Many of these masters still dwell in the caves of earthplanet plane, living their lives out of the original light. Every thought that they have is of transcendent glory. Every thought is a godseed for seekers of God. 

From ancient times to this day and beyond, these masters show ready travelers into the quantum cosmos. They search far-flung planets for creatures of light, who are fired to follow where they have gone, to discover the deepest mysteries of who they are.

Others masters from ancient times returned to the dense planes of human existence. They transformed the strongest souls into carriers of light and taught them how to create life stories through meditation and prayer. They manifested  sacred sounds to fill their minds with light. They taught enlightenment as the purpose of living. 

Lifetime after lifetime these carriers of light cultivated the highest callings of spirit. They created lineages of masters from one age to another to show the way to transcendence and the life beyond. Through the grinding wheel of time and the density of matter, they changed the conditions of day-to-day living and aligned the human race with righteous desires. They filled the world with enlightened beings.

As the world grew in light and knowledge of God, the ancient masters retreated to the higher planes of self-knowing. They created new pathways through the quantum cosmos in service to the longings of the ancient beings, who are eternally on their way home to the farther shore. 

Watching the Sky for Godbeings

Yesterday in Ocean Shores, fliers of grand kites filled the beaches and sent their kites into the skies. Rachel and I were witnesses to these magnificent images. We felt the light winds moving across the shores and holding these great beings high above our heads. Up and down the beach we walked, seeing the day camps tourists had set up for fun and play. Most of these beach camps had kite fliers. Many had just the smallest little birds extended on strings from their hands. They participated. They were part of the whole. 

Of course, my mind is always on the quantum cosmos. Once out of the bag, one can’t put it away. When I first saw the grand view of so many kites riding the waves of air, I immediately was reminded of what it looks like to see godbeings entering earthplanet plane. What a grand vision! I was in both realities at the same time! Such is life in the quantum cosmos!

There are many kinds of godbeings entering earthplanet plane, each with a slightly different seed package given to them by their progenitor godbeing master higher up the line. Godbeings struggle as they enter the “atmosphere” of earthplanet plane, which is comprised of the storm driven fields of thought and emotion of human living, not to mention the dense field of matter and the other elements of this plane of existence. Each of the godbeings has an individual address for their seed packages and are driven through the turbulent field by divine intent. They don’t turn back. 

might be easy to think that pieces of “God” would have no trouble coming into our world. Almighty, all powerful, all knowing. But that’s not how it is. A godbeing in this domain of the quantum cosmos is just a particularized piece of existence. Almost nothing to it, except their quantum identity, the seeds it carries, and the divine intent behind it. There are many waves of godbeings coming down from the higher planes to help us in our confusion and pain. They have been entering for years and have now prepared enough recipients of these seeds that new waves have been launched. To those who have offered themselves as hosts for these grand beings of the cosmos, we, the Ancient Masters, express our gratitude.

If you wish to see a very entertaining representation of what it is like for a godbeing to enter earthplanet plane, watch the movie Gravity. Envision the main character Ryan Stone (Sandra Bullock) as a godbeing struggling against the conditions of godspace and worldspace together. At the end, notice the rebirth scenes. Feel it in the inner heart. Know it in the higher mind. Feel around for the doors in your psyche that show the way out.

The Prayer for Transcendent Peace

from The Prayer for Transcendent Peace

Here is a part of "The Prayer for Transcendent Peace." Notice the four particulars:

Today human suffering is of a much different order. The ancient ways no longer serve. The teachings of the past have cracked under the strains of existential confusion. Human stories of life are no longer real. As awake human beings who hear the cry of humanity, we call out to the masters from the ancient times. We ask them to return to earthplanet plane, (1) to shower humanity with seeds of self-knowing, (2) to send waves of themselves into the fine sheaths of the world, (3) to untangle human knowledge from the distortions of time. (4) May they spread knowledge of godspace throughout all the lands. 

This prayer we offer to the intent the godbeing beyond. We invoke the ancient buddhas on the shores of the unknown and offer our self-knowledge to the living love flame. For the greater beyond, our spirits burn.

The Prayer for Transcendent Peace from the Ancient Masters of the Quantum Cosmos

Episode 10 of The Invisible Room Podcast, “The Prayer for Transcendent Peace” is a special episode.

It is short (08:30 min.), powerful, and has a single purpose. It opens doors from the higher planes of the quantum cosmos so that transcendent peace may flow into our personal lives. It stabilizes the invisible room experience for human souls longing to escape the endless rounds of lives lived in karmic bondage. Without transcendent peace entering our lives from the quantum cosmos, there is no personal peace. Without transcendent peace spreading across the land, there is no hope for human survival. Without the transcendent peace of the invisible room, there is no travel in the quantum cosmos.
Episode 10 also introduces the Ancient Masters, who were the first masters to awaken in the original light of earthplanet plane. Their emergence out of the nascent planetary light was a miracle of the quantum cosmos. When they had the opportunity to ascend completely out of earthplanet plane, they turned back and saved humanity from complete collapse when its first manifestations of life nearly imploded in density and confusion. 
Operating out of their invisible rooms, they projected individual lives out of their modules of perception into the diminished realities of human consciousness and imparted to human thinking the power to create the realities they wanted to live. These events occurred in quantum space, when human consciousness was a light barely flickering in the darkness and planetary space was barely distinguishable from the matter it embraced.

After bringing light, and hope, and knowledge of godspace to human consciousness, the Ancient Masters returned to the higher planes of the quantum cosmos. In this prayer, we acknowledge the crises humanity faces today, and we ask for their return to help us from their level of the quantum perception. We ask them to bestow upon us transcendent peace. In return, we offer our light in service to the world.