Ringing the Bell of God

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Ep 15 Enlightenment and the Gaze from the One Beyond

Who has gathered enough information from spiritual practice, studies, scriptural proclamations, and anything else that might prompt one to say, “I know God”? You can’t gather enough information of any kind that allows you to proclaim knowledge of God. Knowing God is the most intimate experience one can have and you can’t discuss it over the table, or write a book about it, or go on TV, or for that matter, run a podcast about it.
The Invisible Room Podcast has wonderful information in it, but it is beautifully free of indoctrinated statements, scriptural witnessing, or anything else to imply that the value of listening to the audio or reading these occasional remarks provides information that is worth communicating for its own sake. Except the fact of the invisible room. Beyond that fact, the rest is singing out notes of consciousness in order to set up resonance inside the consciousness of the listener. The note “A” is the note “A” no matter what instrument carries that note.  If note “A” feels god-ish in me, then it might feel god-ish in anybody.
Spiritual development involves changing one’s vibration so that one knows the information of “A” and other notes and chords that comprise the song of reality. All one must do here is to listen or read and feel the vibration; the information is secondary, furniture brought into the invisible room that one might come to know that the invisible room exists.

I am not famous. I have not published books. I am not lined up for tours or talk shows, or anything along those lines. I do not give workshops or courses. I do not have a Ph.D. in any subject remotely related to spiritual awakening. All of those activities are for promoting and preserving the words. What I do is sing reality words, and podcasting is my instrument of choice. It’s perfect for singing operatic stories about reality and travel through different dimensions of reality singing those songs. I sing that your consciousness might become unstuck from the cacophony of collective sounds that have become a fixed reality for seven billion people. Just let it vibrate inside you, never mind the words. Your divine source and center will do the rest.

I sing “God” songs for anybody who wants to close their eyes, lean the head back, and hum along. Are these vibrations “God”? Will God come to hear you sing? Who knows? And why not God come? I would keep that door wide open! Take a leap! Come into the mystery! Let it free your consciousness so that it can hum god tunes rather than the dark groans and growls that are the speech of collective human consciousness. It takes courage for sure to hum along, but the adventure of it is beyond compare! Enlightenment! Grace! Redemption! The whole nine yards!

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